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i can fly higher when i'm tired
have about a 3.5 hour drive to finish up this trip to Columbia and no idea what I'm doing next. I've loaded up the music player with B.B. King, Buddy Guy, and Babes in Toyland... now there's a combination. Fubu's currently napping in the cubby hole above the driver seat. Yesterday though, I took a fun picture of her looking down at me while I was driving.

Best. kitty. ever.
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That just begs for a macro.

Nooo nononono it doesn't.

Does she try and "swat" at you from up there?

No, she just likes to look down on me. I'll reach up and hold her paw and scratch her ears. She's been up there all morning, today; just snoozing and being lazy. Man, she's got a tough life.

So cute!

Do you think she missed riding around in the truck with you?

I think she's missed it some, but I think she prefers having a stationary home life. More than anything, she's probably just enjoying getting to have me all to herself for a while. She doesn't get that very often any more. :)

that's an awesome pic. :)

That is a great picture. :)

The anonymous comment was me, cuz I forgot to log in. :(

Oops! And thank you. :)

(Deleted comment)
She always lays like that, half hanging out of the cubbyhole with at least one paw front leg stretched out. She's beeing somewhat conservative in that photo.

I found a nice gem on iTunes, Oscar Brown, Jr. "Sin and Soul...And Then Some". I especially love the 'sultriness' of "Watermelon Man".

Not sure I'm familiar with him.

Buddy Guy owns me though. And you can never have enough of The King.

That is so fucking cute. I love that look on her face.

That's her "what the hell are you doing now?" look. I get it ALL the time.

Fubu cat is plotting your demise.

That cat's far too lazy to plot much of anything, much less the demise of the person who makes her life so easy. ;-)

I love this picture. it is totally awesome

That is the cutest kitty picture EVER. Look at that chubby face and those big paws! I want to hug her!

I'm allergic to cats though :(

Oh that sucks. I'm so glad I'm not allergic to cats. Cuddling with a kitty is about the best thing ever.

Aw, look at that chubby face!

Fubu looks all right too.


What a freaking awesome cat! I always wondered about taking cats on the road. Do you keep a litterbox in the truck? I want to have a motor home one day and want to have a cat that travels with me, but I'm always afraid I'd lose them.

That cat is such a trip! One of the best pics evah!

Mine looks over the banister as someone walks downstairs and then tries to swat but by then you are another story below him. Yes, he has fell a few times. ;)

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