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fter finishing my break in West Chester, OH on Monday morning, my next load was to be picked-up in Lexington, KY and bound for West Memphis, AR. welfy had the day off so I suggested to her that she could meet me in Lawrenceburg, a small town about 15-20 miles south of Frankfort, to give me a kiss as I was passing through on the Bluegrass Parkway. She agreed that that would be fun and get her out of the house for a bit.

I actually had more time than that. I could afford to hang-out with her for about an hour and still make it to West Memphis in time. While brief, it was some nice quality time. We played with Fubu and enjoyed each other's company. She had been itching to make a video to post on YouTube all day but couldn't decide what the video should be about. She decided to make one of us hanging out in the truck together. In it, Welf is her usual charming self and I'm my usual shy and quiet. There's a guest appearance by Fubu wandering around the bunk as well.

(WARNING: If you are sensitive to extreme sap, viewing this video may induce vomiting.)

I always look like I'm stoned in videos.

I'll be leaving West Memphis shortly. I'm picking up a load this afternoon in Jackson, TN and taking it to Olney, in southern Illinois. While driving, I'm going to make some phone calls to get the ball rolling on financing for the house. I appreciate all of the luck-wishing and congratulatory comments to my entries the past couple of days. You have my apologies for not thanking each of you individually. May this blanket mention of gratitude suffice, it is really appreciated.

A version of this entry was originally posted yesterday. I deleted it because Welf had a minor freakout over having her videos public on YouTube, for various reasons, and I over-reacted. My apologies to those of you who left comments.
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