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they say we're young and we don't know what we do
he time spent home this past weekend was fantastic. It was full of flea markets, good food, a sense of accomplishment, pedal boats, miniature golf, and binge shopping. Most importantly, welfy and I seem to be getting things back on track. We're experiencing a period of reaffirmation; a renewed commitment to focusing on our relationship as a life together. We've agreed to close things and work solely on this for the time being, so that she can come to terms with her doubts. It's space I think she needs to concentrate on those things, and security I need while I regain my confidence in our relationship as partners.

I may write in more detail about these things in the coming days, or I may never get to it. Until then (or not), enjoy a goofy home video I made last week while driving.


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Heh, the only audio was the rumbling of the truck so I figured I'd just strip it out of the video to reduce the size.

By the way, thank you for posting those tools the other day in your journal for streaming your own flash video. I'm probably going to play with it and be doing that myself in the very near future.

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