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words all fail the magic prize
n Sunday evening I was afforded the opportuntiy to visit with the lovely sparklymegz in Roanoke, VA. We had gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches and ice cream at a local diner, then she took me on a driving tour of her fair city. I love driving tours; I love to be taken on them and I love to subject people to them when they visit me. Time with Megz is always time well spent and I look forward to doing it again, when or where ever that may be.

I have 67 user icons now, out of a possible 138. I mention this because I've made a couple of new icons... this year. Two icons in six months, wow. It's a good thing I got the permanent account a couple of years ago; it'll take me the rest of my natural life to fill all those slots.

Finally, let's get SHOW US YOUR GAMS underway. I've only gotten photos from three people, but hopefully if I begin posting them it'll get some of you in gear to send me some. Feel free to leave me a link in a comment or you can send them to show.us.your.gams@soopageek.com. Here is hxcpunkchick, rock'n the schoolgirl plaid skirt.

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Nothing I can say when I'm in your thighs, mo my mommamommamommamomma...

I had an idea for your tired retread competition, but I think I'm saving it for a photo entry next week, so we'll see. Yeah, I read "retarded" the first time I scanned that comment as well.

That doesn't mean you can't submit your idea for this as well, for more public consumption, if you dare.

Are you giving me a decision to make, things to lose, things to take?

The only thing you have to lose is your dignity, but who are we kidding, you lost that a long, long time ago.

Wait a minute honey, I'm gonna add it up.

/could do this for hours

Some day, sir, we shall have to share a smoke to go with all this joke making. Do you happen to have a broken down kitchen at the top of the stairs?

how funny, I have about the same amount of icons, and the same attitude torwards them, and just added this new one yesterday, that I stole from an image on BoingBoing.

In less of a run-on sentence: those are some great gams, der!

Ha! I feel like that icon a lot. Mmmm, coffee.

I know, I'm brewing a pot and don't even really want any.

Great icon! Can I borrow it?

I'm planning on wearing a really cute skirt tomorrow. Maybe I'll get someone to take a picture for me. :D

I wanna play! :) Will send some in soon.

I shall look forward to it!

Greg said he sent mine in to you......did you get it?

Also that icon rocks. I may steal it and use it on myspace :P

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