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Location: Cardwell, KY

Another weekend hanging with the 'rents and my grandmother. When I got in, my mom made me two of the yummiest BLT's ever. There is nothing quite like fresh tomatoes straight out of the garden in summer time. I then watched the remaining second half of the UK-Florida game. Talk about disgusting. In the 4th quarter UK was ahead 21-3. The final score? @4-21, Florida wins. Disgusting. I did get to see the most amazing receptions I have ever seen. Any of you Kentuckians who watched the game, you know what I'm talking about.

I spent the rest of the evening shelling lima beans/breaking green beans while watching a lot of Law and Order reruns (both SVU and CI) 'cos there just isn't much on television on Saturdays that will appeal simultaneously to three generations of people. I was watching Kung Faux earlier on Fuse and my mom came through the room and said "You watch some of the most asinine things!" Heh, Kung Faux makes me giggle. Later I watched Harlem Nights on BET. I had never seen it, because I had always heard bad things about it, but since there wasn't much else onworth watching I figured I might as well. What a waste of celluloid that film is. I mean, one would think that a film with Red Foxx, Richard Pryor, AND Eddie Murphy in it simultaneously would at least have that redeeming quality going for it, but the few scenes in which they all share the screen is depressingly unfunny. The two hours of my life I spent watching that vacuous shithole of a film, I think I may have actually gotten dumber.

Today will be filled with the smells of fresh cut ribeyes on the grill (make mine extra rare, please!) and some of those lima beans I was helping with last night. I love lima beans, cooked in lots of butter. There are few things better.

Later tonight I will trek to Lexington and visit with my kiddos then I'm off to St. Louis, where I begin in the morning.

I'm formulating "My Politics: Part 3" in my head. It's taking so long 'cos, well, it's going to be one topic when I tackle it: the issue of race. Whew, yeah, it'll be a long one.
Anyway, keep on truckin' - keep it between the lines - over and out ;-)
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