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dun dun dunnnnn

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Heehee. That's fantastic. :-)

I had other qualifying words/phrases in mind.

Fate sealed?


Yeah... it is. Even though I joke otherwise... it's rather fitting that she should catch it.

Nice catch!!

I mean that two ways. Her catching the bouquet and you catching the shot of her getting it.

I can think of a third way... Welf's an awfully nice catch, for me. :)

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I imagine that when the day comes, LiveJournal friends one and all will be welcome. That would be only fitting.

Hrm... I wonder if we could get married ON LiveJournal. Heh.

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Oh man, at my cousin Dan's wedding a couple of months ago, his aunt caught the bouquet, but made it look as though she bobbled it and then threw it at my cousin Nadav's (really awesome) girlfriend. It was fairly amusing, if you weren't Nadav or his girlfriend. I kind of felt bad for them, as much pressure as they were getting.

Then again, it was a Jewish wedding. I think getting guilt tripped about things just comes with the territory.

Heheh, I've seen that fake fumble deployed a time or two. I think that's CHEATING.

In this case, there was no contest. There were three black eyes and one girl was taken to the emergency room.

i love how no one else seems to be trying.

At least the women go up with empty hands, if it had been the guys trying to catch the garter they would have one hand in their pocket, and holding a beer with the other hand.

Mwahahahahahaha.. It's a done deal now.

At Josh's first wedding myself and Matt had taken a step back when the garter was thrown thus leaving Josh Barker to catch the garter no contest. Maybe the girls did that to Welf :-p

If there is a wedding, I'll be sure to show and drag Josh along. OFC you know I'll bee getting married in Sept 13, 2008

I saw you mention that in your journal when I was glancing back through entries last night. There's a very high probability that any wedding we have would be in PA, though I imagine we'd probably have some sort of social function in KY as well.

I always hide when the bouquets get thrown

I didn't have much choice in hiding when the garter was thrown, the groom pointed me out specifically to join the other bachelors... I was able to relegate myself about 2-3 deep in the pack so I wasn't right out front. There's an art to these things ;-)

"I really love the (insert Rocky callbacks here) skillful way... you beat the other girls (more Rocky callbacks) to the bride's bouquet."

The future is ours so let's plan it!

Knock knock!
Who's there?
Orange who?
Orange you glad I caught the bridal bouquet

and not baby fever?

(Deleted comment)
You know whats next!!!

Want my baby kitty?

Bickering over money and "not tonight I have a headache" ?

It is kinda YAY and fun. Especially in light of a lot of recent conversations Welf and I have been having. :)

Heheheh... riiiight. This weekend was spent with a lot of her old highschool chums, many of whom are already married/children/etc.... no pressure at ALL.

ask her to marry you already!