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dun dun dunnnnn

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The pressure is on now SOOP!!

[Oh hi, I'm on Welfy's friend's list :) ]

No more pressure than there's been for the past, oh, year, or so....

...having been around the block once already, I'm a bit more cautious that some might be the first time around. Good things come to those who wait :)

Yah, I've been around the block once too, haven't remarried in 18 years and married only once.

I'm interested to know how she managed to drug everybody else en masse so they wouldn't go up for the bouquet. Every wedding I've been to, all the women step over each other to catch that thing like a bunch of rugby forwards at a particularly nasty lineout.

Heh, I've seen some more spirited bouquet fights myself. In comparison this one was rather tame. There was no punch bowl she could spike and slipping a mickey into everyone's drink is plausible, but not probable. I have no idea what could've caused this sort of control over other people.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to go cluck like a chicken then give Welf a 30 minute foot rub.

Is that at the Scottish Rite Cathedral?

Great catch!!

Yes it is. It was a beautiful reception.

*snickers* I caught one at a friend's wedding two years ago and still have yet to get a ring.

Just be warned! PA girls tend to be very good catchers...

Oh I know they're good catchers. She caught me didn't she? ;-)