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dun dun dunnnnn

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Oh man, at my cousin Dan's wedding a couple of months ago, his aunt caught the bouquet, but made it look as though she bobbled it and then threw it at my cousin Nadav's (really awesome) girlfriend. It was fairly amusing, if you weren't Nadav or his girlfriend. I kind of felt bad for them, as much pressure as they were getting.

Then again, it was a Jewish wedding. I think getting guilt tripped about things just comes with the territory.

Heheh, I've seen that fake fumble deployed a time or two. I think that's CHEATING.

In this case, there was no contest. There were three black eyes and one girl was taken to the emergency room.

I think that's CHEATING.

I agree all encompassingly.

I smell a Mitch Hedberg reference.

Congratulations, would you like a frozen banana?

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