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photo mayhem!
just got back on the road after being off for nearly a week, hanging out with welfy in Western PA. I had a great time and took hundreds of photos. It occurred to me that I haven't posted a photo mix since March. So without further ado, here's a random assortment for your amusement, in reverse chronological order. As always, feel free to ask about anything which strikes your fancy.

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oh, ew, burgoo.



You don't like burgoo? That's crazy talk!

or maybe everclear soup

they may as well just call it corn and animal butt soup with tomato as far as i'm concerned.

Re: or maybe everclear soup

I miss the old Memorial Stakes Day they used to have at the Red Mile with the big burgoo/chili cook-off. Man, was that ever a tasty day.

Re: or maybe everclear soup

ha ha, i remember those. one in particular i remember was really hot and humid and lame (ugh, kentucky weather) and it was the first time i ever tried cherrpy-flavoured pepsi.

of course it was also the last.

getcher motor runnin

I went a couple of years, when they would have aging classic rock bands play in the infield. I think one year it was Steppenwolf! Heh.

It was always hot and full of rednecks getting drunk in the infield and puking all over the place. After going a couple of years I quit going... since the event was discontinued I'm guessing others had stopped going, too.

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