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photo mayhem!
just got back on the road after being off for nearly a week, hanging out with welfy in Western PA. I had a great time and took hundreds of photos. It occurred to me that I haven't posted a photo mix since March. So without further ado, here's a random assortment for your amusement, in reverse chronological order. As always, feel free to ask about anything which strikes your fancy.

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Hrm, well I guess if you can take them onto the plane as carry-on so that they can know you're there that flying might not be such a bad option. Could you get a direct flight or would you have to change planes in Atlanta?

Plenty of direct flights. The problems are I need two tickets (a person for each cat) and then it's an extra $80+ for each animal. All of that is do-able, I just worry about taking then out at security. I'd give them valium shots before, but my cats are the type to run.

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