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/mode +o amybeth
rogram the wayback machine for 1997, Sherman.

I first met justamy ten years ago in an old IRC channel (where I met several of you as well). In those halcyon days of e-communication, it wasn't uncommon for Amy and I to stay up 'til 4am chatting. With the additions of IM and then LiveJournal, Amy and I became about as close as "internet friends" can be. Thanks to my job, we've also had numerous occasions to hang out whenever I was passing through. We've been known to remark to one another in amazement how we used to have those all-night chat marathons in the days of yore, often only getting a few hours sleep before we had to go to work the next morning. Last night, I was afforded the chance to hangout with Amy after dropping a load in Kansas City. After a bite to eat and drinks at a nearby bar, we returned to her place. She put on a pot of coffee and we sat on her porch smoking cigarettes and talking.

She took me back to the truck around 4am this morning.

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Coffee + porch + talking + friends + cigarettes a cigar [for me please] = sounds amazingly awesome. Sorry I haven't been commenting lately, I've been rather lazy on that front.

You do realize that in a matter of weeks you two will be living a mere 200 miles from each other. :)

Amy is awesome. I'm jealous, too! Seeing her once wasn't enough!

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