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the streets of bakersfield
his trip is turning into a cross-country journey. I left Lexington last Thursday afternoon. By tomorrow afternoon, I'll be in Bakersfield, CA. It looks something like this:

I've gotten a couple more submissions for the SHOW US YOUR GAMS challenge. Keep 'em coming. You can link me in a comment or email them to me at show.us.your.gams@soopageek.com. Today's legs belong to lacombe.

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Seeing Bakersfield brought this to mind: have you ever considered a photo journal of all the places listed in the Hank Snow/Johnny Cash song I've Been Everywhere? Maybe just a picture of the sign for each place. Canadian areas aside, I bet you've already been to most of them.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I love obscure music trivia. Now I'm gonna hafta find a recording of that song.

Hmmm, now you've got me thinking how I could make a video out of all the pictures and use the song. I don't know that I have the tenacity to pull that off... but it's something to consider.

ooo yay bakersfield. no one ever comes here haha where will you be staying..well WILL you be staying here?

I finished unloading a trailer full of alfalfa bales to a dairy farm a while ago. I'm straight-away to Van Nuys to get a load bound for Phoenix. No layover today. :)

Calves and cats.

I miss you TONS right now. Two weeks? :^(

Week and a half! I miss you, too.

What concerns me is the kitten between that guy's gams.

Perhaps you should start a "Show Me Your Kittens Gams!!" game. I would subscribe!

Dang girl, I haven't seen you around LJ in a minute. Where you been? Are you back? Or just making a little visit? I drove through Denver like... two days ago. :)

That looks like a good route for the road trip I'm going to join you for, when you drop me off at John's place.

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