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the streets of bakersfield
his trip is turning into a cross-country journey. I left Lexington last Thursday afternoon. By tomorrow afternoon, I'll be in Bakersfield, CA. It looks something like this:

I've gotten a couple more submissions for the SHOW US YOUR GAMS challenge. Keep 'em coming. You can link me in a comment or email them to me at show.us.your.gams@soopageek.com. Today's legs belong to lacombe.

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Seeing Bakersfield brought this to mind: have you ever considered a photo journal of all the places listed in the Hank Snow/Johnny Cash song I've Been Everywhere? Maybe just a picture of the sign for each place. Canadian areas aside, I bet you've already been to most of them.

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
I love obscure music trivia. Now I'm gonna hafta find a recording of that song.

Hmmm, now you've got me thinking how I could make a video out of all the pictures and use the song. I don't know that I have the tenacity to pull that off... but it's something to consider.

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