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i hollered, don't look Ethel!
f you're driving through Arizona on I-10 this afternoon and see a candy-apple red truck pulling a big blue trailer, and the driver ain't got no clothes on... that would be me.

It's supposed to get to 115 today. According to XM, it's already 105. Lawd-a-mussy.

I'm getting a new student this afternoon in Phoenix. He only has 70 hours to complete, so he should be a breeze. Just teach him to use the Qualcomm and let him make money for me. This means I need to clean-up Sally this afternoon... in this heat. It's a bit of a wreck having had it to myself for the past month. Yesterday she got a bath and is all shiny on the outside... but the inside... hoooo boy.

I suppose with it being a holiday that there's a good chance I'll be sitting around until tomorrow. If that's the case, I might seriously consider investing in a motel room for the night. Poor Sally's A/C can't keep-up with this kind of heat.

I think I need to get a picture of Sally while she's clean and replace that icon I have of The Beast.

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You forgot the Sally tag, or are you stopping using that? I prefer photographs of the truck dirty so it looks like it is used. Stay cool, Soopa.

Good call! I forgot I had a Sally tag.

This is why Live Journal addicts make the best friends. They keep on top of those, things.

Liar liar pants on fire, you clothed trucker you.

(miss you)

Nuh uh! I was totally naked. And I'd think of you and touch myself inappropriately.

115 is pretty outrageous.
My condolences.
And a glass of iced tea.

I got excited when I saw a billboard for Dairy Queen nested in a Pilot truckstop yesterday afternoon so I stopped so I could nurse my growing Moolatte addiction.

Their "Misty machine" was broken and they couldn't make me one. There was much wailing and gnashing of teeth.

(Deleted comment)
I'm so glad that I wasn't the only one who got the Ray Stevens reference!

"Oh yes they call him the streak!"

I love novelty music and Ray Stevens is always a reliable source of yuks. "Guitarazan" always cracks me up, as does "Harry The Hairy Ape".

Haha, I laughed at that too. I haven't heard The Streak in forever.

do you ever pass one of those trucks from trick my truck on cmt?

There's certainly lots of tricked-out trucks on the road, though I dunno if any of them were specifically from the show.

Some day , I wanna get a truck with one of those huge 120" sleepers on them with the kitchenette and everything... kinda like a mobile home except you can work out of it. That'd be sweet.

If you're bored and just sitting around, feel free to drive to Kathmandu and pick up my order of handbags that seems to not be traveling to my store like I expect it to be.

Oh, have they finished that bridge to Asia?

What? When I got to work this morning I received the email saying my order had shipped. I just assumed you motored over and picked it up for me? You were right there in Arizona near the Pacifunnel after all.

(OT - that woman who loved American flags who stayed with your Mom for a while?


She'd love that. Heh.)

You know, I'd always wondered "Who buys this sort of crap?" until I met her.

*lol* so did I. I mean it's downright tacky.. but I guess someone has to buy it. :P

o yes they called him the streak

looka dat looka dat!

Arizona - America's Simulated Oven State

I was in Phoenix a week ago *frowns* however I'm in Pahrump right now.

I've been to Pahrump. Was there this past winter in fact.

I have a strange attraction to Nevada. Part of it's the outlaw sort of vibe (casinos and whorehouses) but I also like the bleakness of it, too.

NAKED SOOPA ALERT!! *sounds the alarm*

It's a cool 70 today in western PA... No humidity cuz it just rained. =)

It's gotten better now that we've gotten out of the Phoenix area. It's in the low 90's high 80's and breezy... and of course no humidity since it's the desert. :)

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