It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

i hollered, don't look Ethel!

f you're driving through Arizona on I-10 this afternoon and see a candy-apple red truck pulling a big blue trailer, and the driver ain't got no clothes on... that would be me.

It's supposed to get to 115 today. According to XM, it's already 105. Lawd-a-mussy.

I'm getting a new student this afternoon in Phoenix. He only has 70 hours to complete, so he should be a breeze. Just teach him to use the Qualcomm and let him make money for me. This means I need to clean-up Sally this afternoon... in this heat. It's a bit of a wreck having had it to myself for the past month. Yesterday she got a bath and is all shiny on the outside... but the inside... hoooo boy.

I suppose with it being a holiday that there's a good chance I'll be sitting around until tomorrow. If that's the case, I might seriously consider investing in a motel room for the night. Poor Sally's A/C can't keep-up with this kind of heat.

I think I need to get a picture of Sally while she's clean and replace that icon I have of The Beast.
Tags: sally, training, truckgeek
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