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more odds and ends
hile being loaded at an apparel warehouse in El Paso, Jim and I walked across the street to Ernie's Cafe where I had the most superfluous plate of huevos rancheros. Once they've finished loading we're heading for Gallatin, TN which turns my trip map into one big circle. We should be there by tomorrow evening.

Gams! Gams! Gams! You want 'em, we got 'em! This photo comes to you courtesy of the lovely ladydreamfire.

I still want more. C'mon, SHOW US YOUR GAMS!

Finally, let's dust off ye olde comment stats meme. I haven't done it since March.

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11hockeyfag179 179
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13lowercasedee126 126
14over_unity123 123
15yourtourniquet117 117
16ruxxell104 104
17queen_phoenix102 102
18fujerica94 94
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23dividedbyzero79 79
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29jenxteen71 71
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32revsphynx65 65
33sexion865 65
34vinylflip65 65
35lacyunderall64 64
36saraide63 63
37de_wynken57 57
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39yshaloo56 56
40freebyrd197956 56
41the_fishery52 52
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An interesting after-thought... 23% of the comments are left by 2% of the total commenters.

Also... the top ten commenters since January 1, 2007.

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2lossfound106 106
3tpbrcombo94 94
4stillimage74 74
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6stormodacentury49 49
7over_unity42 42
8queen_phoenix24 24
9intendent23 23
10atthestarz21 21
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I only have picture of my legs without the rest of me in the shot lol...it was also before I lost 101 pounds.

So take new pictures! If not, I don't care if it's only your legs.... I get lots of pictures like that. :)

Is that I-30 you're taking up out of Texas? YOU WILL BE DRIVING RIGHT PAST MY HOUSE. Apartment. Thing.

Yup. I-10, to I-20, to I-30, to I-40 into Tennessee.

I imagine we'll be cruising along I-30 sometime in the middle of the night tonight.

DAMN, them's some hawt legs. :P

YTD 7th, I was rather disappointed that I wasn't in the top 10 though, I shall have to remedy that on both yours and welfys journals.

You're s'posed to think your wife's legs are hawt!

FYI: I'll probably be the one to miss THREE AM tonight. I'll either be sleeping or driving more than likely.

You should stop in Memphis for barbecue with c_rob and myself.

I'd love to. Though right now all I know about the load is that it's due tomorrow in Gallatin; they haven't set an appointment time yet. I have a feeling that we won't have the luxury of time once they do.

Woohoo! In the top 50! By the skin of my teeth!

007. Oh I live here! ;]
Wow....I'm kind of shocked. But I did get into that food discussion awhile back and such. But still, wow. Not that I care that it is just insane how much I comment. I mean:

Posted: 26,388 - Received: 12,667
That's only from June 2004!

Oh and I swear! I'll do GAMS soon! I keep forgetting then remembering!

That's only from June 2004 until present. I suck at commenting when I'm running out the door.

What? No imperial storm trooper head shot this time??

Oh very well, then...

Better yet, next year, just dress-up like this for your gams photo:


Ha, I shall do this when I'm wearing my new dress next week :)

Where you had the most what plate of juevos rancheros?

Choose your own adjective! C;mon EVERYBODY!


Maybe this could be a game. I was going to say awesome, which in Spanish I think is awesomo, but I could be wrong. Maybe we can have suggestions from the peanut gallery and I'll edit the best one into the entry.

I was wondering if anyone else would notice that besides you and me.

I have chicken legs but I'm in the process of thinking up something clever for the gam contest, like pushing up my calf with my fingers to make them look huge.

Awesome! I can't wait to see what you come-up with. While we never really got to know each other very well before you jumped shipped for Xanga, I remember really enjoying your photography. I seem to recall a photo of you on the floor covered in newspaper that I really liked?

If you're interested, here is a gallery of the 37 submissions from last summer to get an idea of what's already been done :)

Man, I must have really been doing an amazing job of commenting at one point. I feel like I've totally mistreated this thing as of late.

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