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there's all kinds of redheaded women that i ain't supposed to kiss
he new White Stripes album is fantastic. After having been "meh" about their past couple of records, this turns out to be one of the best, new rock and roll experiences I've had in a very long while. That is all.

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That's really good to hear because my b/f said it sucks. I haven't heard it yet but I NEED it to rock my soul!

It's very loud and hard, more on par with the first album than the rest of them since. Some of the guitar leads/solos are insane and brilliant.

(Deleted comment)
Funny, I think the same thing about Muddy Waters when I listen to Zep.

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I'm always right! I've always maintained that I have exquisite taste in music. ;-)

I titled a post with that last night, then changed it to something more appropriate--loved the song, though.

I guess for me the title is kind of ironic, because I have a redheaded woman I'm supposed to kiss alllllll the time.

I'm a redheaded woman who wants to be kissed!

*looks around nervously*


Aw, it was only a smooch... not like the MWAH's I reserve for you.

You BETTER be kissing me all the time!

I perfer kissing you all over.

heh. No, I'm not jealous.

i heard a song from the album when i was in Canada, and i was liking it a lot, and when the DJ did a backsell (yes! they actually still DO backsells on canadian radio!), i was sort of blown away to hear it was the white stripes. i've never been a huge fan, liked the one or two albums i heard ok, but i've been meaning to check it out ever since.

Probably that title track "Icky Thump"... which is just... insane. Gawd that's such a great song.

I was inadvertently made a fan of them when I saw them open for Sleater-Kinney back in 2000. This was way before they broke on radio/MTV and I had no idea who they were... knew nothing about them. Jack White just blew me away that night... and I've been a fan ever since.

Hi. Their new album is just like the others. Meaning great. I don't understand why everyone's selling it as a "new sound" for them.

I don't think it's necessarily a "new sound" as more of a return to what their first couple of records sounded like. I do think, however, that Jack White is really beginning to figure out how to use the studio effectively with the White Stripes sound. The way he blends the tone, while sometimes a little gimmicky, it just jaw dropping on this album. It is simultaneously a little step backward and a huge step forward.

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