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you can't be a pimp and a prostitute, too
n a daily basis I receive no less than 3 or 4 emails suggesting ways to increase the size of my penis. These emails stop at nothing, from suggesting that girls lie when they say that size doesn't matter to showing pictures of a woman holding a ridiculously large shlong in her hand and making an "Ooooooh" face like she just opened the greatest present ever. The increasing frequency with which I receive these emails is becoming so much that it's not enough to simply ignore them any longer. So please, lossfound, could you ask your mom to stop sending them? They are quite a nuisance and it's not really my problem that she has a problem finding a large enough organ to sufficiently fill that cathedral.

How about some gams? These belong to kcsusie.

You can't go wrong with fish net.

Keep sending them to me. SHOW US YOUR GAMS!
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like a hot dog down a hallway

o please, lossfound, could ask your mom to stop sending them? They are quite a nuisance and it's not really my problem that she has a problem finding a large enough ogran to sufficiently fill that cathedral.


Re: like a hot dog down a hallway

isn't it O-R-G-A-N?

iz can haz spelling bee?

Re: like a hot dog down a hallway

Yeah and aparently I left out the entire word "you" after "could"

Apparently I needed a nap, which is exactly what I did.

Re: like a hot dog down a hallway

haha, lossfound talks to his mom every week.

luuuuuuurv those gams.

i'll see what i can do about mom during our weekly phone call today. but you know how those size queens are... always on a quest.

I hope you can get hold of her and she's not napping when you call. She still might be a little tired from last night.

One for the ages... well done!

i think you really ought to add my creation to your collection. i can think of lots of instances where it would be useful.

That is fucking fabulous. Will buy again. A+++++++++

Don't take it personally, honey...whoever's sending you those emails is sending them to me too. And barring gender reassignment surgery (which ain't HAPPENING--I love being a woman!), the only way I'm enlarging MY penis is by walking into the sex shop, putting my money on the counter and buying one.

As for the gams pic I've been meaning to get 'round to having taken, maybe the next week or so will pan out. You can live in hope! *wink*

Ooooo, awesome! I can't wait to get the picture(s)! :)

I just wanna see her walk in those heels :-p

as for those emails, i get them too. along with 'make your boobs bigger'....umm last time I checked I wasnt a she-male nor trying to become one.

Hey, now, I can in fact walk in them! I took that picture myself, on a timer, and had to actually RUN in them to get in place. :)

Good for you! You tell 'em, girl!! Me, I'm so un-glam that I fall over in flip-flops.

Oh, make no mistake--I am about the clumsiest person ever. I was able to make it the few feet I had to go, but I don't think I'd wear those things for any longer than I had to. :)

Too bad someone wasn't around with a video camera. I bet that was cute.

Ha! Considering how clumsy I am even in NO shoes, yes, I bet it would have been amusing to see me running in these things. :)

You get "bigger boobs" emails? What kind of pr0n sites do YOU visit? Heh.

♥ her shoes long time.

My spam is getting lazy.

I've been getting lots of those "Hi I'm bored..." emails lately, too. :(

The things that fascinates me about spam is that one of two things is happening: a) there are enough suckers on the internet to fall for phishers or buy things as a result of unsolicited email or b) there are enough suckers who think that spamming actually works and try it until they realize it doesn't... I'm hoping for the latter, but I suspect the former.

what really blows my mind in the case of the personal-ad spam is the fact that the spammers almost WITHOUT FAIL choose male names. this morning the latest ones i received from "25 y.o" women were shown in Thunderbird as being from Paul and David. i don't suppose it would take more than a few seconds of research or petty identity theft to get a woman's name across the language barrier, but clearly Nigerian internet cafe time is expensive!

You can't go wrong with fish net.

Damn straight, as long as you've got the legs for it.

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