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you can't be a pimp and a prostitute, too
n a daily basis I receive no less than 3 or 4 emails suggesting ways to increase the size of my penis. These emails stop at nothing, from suggesting that girls lie when they say that size doesn't matter to showing pictures of a woman holding a ridiculously large shlong in her hand and making an "Ooooooh" face like she just opened the greatest present ever. The increasing frequency with which I receive these emails is becoming so much that it's not enough to simply ignore them any longer. So please, lossfound, could you ask your mom to stop sending them? They are quite a nuisance and it's not really my problem that she has a problem finding a large enough organ to sufficiently fill that cathedral.

How about some gams? These belong to kcsusie.

You can't go wrong with fish net.

Keep sending them to me. SHOW US YOUR GAMS!
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I hope you can get hold of her and she's not napping when you call. She still might be a little tired from last night.

One for the ages... well done!

i think you really ought to add my creation to your collection. i can think of lots of instances where it would be useful.

That is fucking fabulous. Will buy again. A+++++++++

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