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house hunting
emember that house that welfy and I liked so much? We still like it a lot, but after thinking more and more about it, we realized that there are quite a few things about it that we don't like. We also realized that we are in a really sweet spot; we have a lease agreement that we can leave on 30 day's notice and no property to sell. We figure that it's best to be patient and find something that will have everything we require in a home.

So for the past couple of weeks, we've been scouring the online real-estate sites for other houses. We put together a list of 22 currently on the market that we're interested in seeing. Tonight, Welf and I each picked our top 11 and then we compared notes. We had 8 duplicates. We're each picking one bonus property from our lists to round out the number to an even ten and plan on going house viewing this weekend.

We talked about making an us-only entry in one of our jounrals with links to these various houses to refresh our memories, but I thought it might be fun to just make a regular journal entry out of it. Below are the ten houses we hope to go see. Some of these photos have links to interior photos, some aren't.

MY awesome bonus house, East Second Street

Welf's boring bonus house, Furrow Lane

Lewis Lane

Payne Street

Westland Drive

Kingsway #1

Lyons Drive

Jackson Drive

Choate Street

Kingsway Drive #2

Rolling Acres Drive


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Really? I thought THIS was your bonus house!

As I recall, you're not only the one who posted a photo of that house in their journal, but drove all the way out to Hillbilly Holler to try and find it.

Oh, and might I mention that I'm not a huge fan of Soop's bonus house because it's like ten feet away from my workplace--Boss would be too close for comfort. Plus it's kind of in the seedy part of town. Though I guess in a place like Frankfort the worse someone can do is glare at you and squeal their tires in front of your house.

The one on Furrow has a nice yard!

Yeah but it has FIVE fireplaces! Four bedrooms! a HYOOOOJ kitchen.

And it's under 100k!

(Deleted comment)
Oh yeah, that's a big draw for both of us to that house. That screened-in porch looks awesome. That's one thing we loved about that house on East Main that I posted about a while back. It had an awesome backyard and screened porch.

Kingsway #1 looks pretty sweet, hardwoods and brick exterior are nice. Garage looks kinda scary, but then again it's the garage.

And $92,500. That's the best part. ;-)

Welfy's bonus house looks like the home team change room at Souths, where I used to play cricket. Does it also have timber benches and concrete block tiles?

Heh, it does kinda look like a bath house doesn't it?

I like Welfy's and Jackson...

KY is similar to PA... If you don't live in Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, or Philly, you can find some steals on homes. Homes out by my house are going for around $75-90K. And they're great houses, but they're out in the country, which some people don't like.

BTW: Meatwad is the shiznit. Shake ain't got nothin on Meatwad.


I love that in NYC, you literally have to put down a deposit on a place two hours after it's listed if you want a chance at it, while you talk about compiling listing for weeks in Kentucky.

Country girl 4-lyfe!

It is my secret desire to have a really awesome Park-side penthouse just so I could fly-in and hang out in the city whenever I wanted. This will be after I make my millions as the greatest Calvin-Klein underwear model ever.

Kingways #2 and Westland would be my choicecs..

oh and if it were up to me having to pick between just the bonus houses...

I might be a loyal friend to you Soop, but I'd have to pick Welf's. for one reason only......ITS YELLOW! not any yellow but pastel yellow. Every house Melissa and I have looked it, her faves would get shot down, b/c they too were yellow.

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