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property love
dave-oh my god!
his weekend, welfy and I spent a good deal of time doing drive-bys of homes in our price range. Tomorrow we will be travelling about with a realtor to see the inside of a lot of these homes. Most of the houses I have been interested in have lots of space to move about and place furniture. A good example would be that sprawling colonial house that I posted a photo and link to a few days ago. I'm a firm believer that you can never have enough space. Yet today, I fell in love with a property that has only 650 square feet within its walls.

But it's not the house that I'm in love with. It's the lot. It's on the river... with a dock!

And a REALLY cool deck!

Not to mention there's a screened porch attached to the deck... and a huge driveway where I could park the truck when I'm home... and it's minutes from downtown. Then of course, there's the house.

The house is basically three rooms. There a living room/kitchen combination area. I'll hopefully see the inside of this place tomorrow, but near as I can tell, these photos represent a roughly 270 degree panorama of the "great room."

And then there is a teensy bathroom with only a shower stall....

And two bedrooms that are so small that the photographer couldn't even give a feel for the size of them...

But did you see that river?

And... and.. the boat dock?!?!?!

All for the low, low price of $84,500.

Now, I already know that Welf will not be comfortable in that small of a house for very long. She's too much of a packrat and has piles and piles of books and clothes and knick knacks and what-have-you. I'm hardly home and am used to having a bit of a spartan existance. Just getting to enjoy the tranqulity of those surroundings when I'm home would be enough for me. But she's the one who has to live there day-in and day-out. So from a realistic standpoint, we'd be considering an addition to the house in the next couple of years, just to give us some breathing room and storage. It'd only increase the value of the property if/when the time comes to resell it.

Am I crazy for thinking this way?

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all i can even think is what on earth possessed its current owner to paint every blasted interior wall pink? that would in no way may the space seem claustrophobically smaller than it actually is. ack. but truly awesome deck, yard, locale.

Yeah, the interior is awful. Not counting the color, there's the totally obsessive-compulsive use of wallpaper border in EVERY ROOM. It's empty now, so it'll be interesting to see if the owner's have done anything to make the interior more neutral or muted to get it ready to sell.

Mmmm...cinderblock. Cozy.


Then again, I'm soooo not a packrat and don't need much space. joeyhemlock would laugh at a place that small.

I would say that we live in a 900 sq. ft. place, but that's 900 sq. ft. plus the full finished basement. So I guess we have 1800 sq. ft. And a teensy tinsy parcel of land. The basement is a shithole home for all of Mark's pack-ratted stuff. I'm only slightly kidding.

No, you're not crazy. Land is land is land. LAND is way more important than housing, because if you've got the LAND, you can build an addition. Besides, any fool can get a home financing loan these days, once you've got a mortgage. :)

It'd be like dorm life all-over again with the cinder block, tile floor, and limited space.

I'm a reformed pack rat. With the exception of furniture/major-applicances, I can fit everything I own into a car. I like it that way.

Heh, I get pre-approval notices for home improvement loans all the time and I don't even own a house yet. I know that, in a couple of more years, I could swing the financing and/or cash to do an addition... it's just being happy in that house for those two years.

You can knock down and rebuild a house, but you can't make that river.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah that deck is ridiculously awesome. It's too bad it's attached to such a ridiculously small and impractical house.

Oh, tough choice. Love the deck and the river outlook. Fabulous block of land (it's not a flood risk, is it?). Horrible, horrible house, even with the chintzy girly frou frou taken out.

Perhaps try a good insurance policy, followed by a convenient fire?

The house sits about 125-150 feet above the current level of the river. Referencing the second photo above, those stairs in the foreground goes from where the house is to that small, flat flood-plain area. The dock is perhaps another 30 feet down from there. While I'm sure that anything is possible, it would take a LOT for the water to reach the house.

It'd be mighty hard to burn down a concrete block house. Good thinking though!

It's like a pink jail cell.

I do love the dock and river. I'd live on the deck if they'd let me.

It is an awesome deck. As high as it is above the ground/water and with that tree growing the the middle of it, it almost feels like a tree house!

That's some nice property there. Go for it!

Right now, it probably tops MY list. :)

I don't know what the bui;ding code is in that area, but I do know that when my aunt and uncle built their house on the lake, they had a hard time, because around here, you can only "develop" up to a certain percentage of your property. I don't know if that's the case around there, but if it is, how feasable (sp?) would it be to built upwards (cost and architecture)? Just something to keep in mind.

Yeah, the thought has occurred to me that, being made out of concrete block, it might be an excellent "base" for more house ABOVE it someday. As for building codes? Man, you should see some of the other houses out here along the river. Plus the lot is technically pretty big, so if there's a certain percentage, I'm sure remaining under it would be pretty easy to do.

I would totally buy it solely for the deck and dock.

I will probably forever wonder what it would have been like living in that house. Which is why we must become stinking rich and be able to afford a good river-front house someday. :^)

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