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...and the winner is....

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I just rushed to vote at the last second, and saw that I didn't really need to (but I did anyway, of course)- Go Welfy!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guess I won't be able to play against her next season... *small tear*

That college degree came in handy for something!

Yay, the others wrote entries well, but I feel like when I am reading writing if I have a more personal attachment friendship with the person, I like it more. I had a few close calls where it was either someone else or Welfy. But then I reread and felt more of a emotion with the Welfy. :]


I voted in lots of the rounds. I'm so happy for Welfy!!!!!

(Deleted comment)
I know she plans to be there tonight and is really hoping you'll be there. She's looking forward to meeting you... as am I some day. :)

so the contest is over? for real? over? done? never again?

in that event, let Queen Internet know SHE KNOWS WHAT TO DO NOW.

Why yes, I am made of awesome.

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