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you got a good thing going, baby
esterday I acquired a new student. His name is Gary and he hails from a small town in upstate New York near Binghamton. He's a young guy, 21, tall and lanky. I'll try and grab a picture of him in the near future. Prior to stepping on my truck yesterday morning, he had only been to five of these United States (NY/PA/OH/IN/IL). In the past 36 hours, we've added 7 more. I love getting the guys who haven't travelled very much. The vicarious pleasure of their excitement is always enjoyable. Hopefully we'll get to the west coast during his time with me. That usually blows the east coast dude's minds.

When I separated from my ex-wife a number of years ago, I almost immediately began to consort with a young lady with whom I worked. We dated and cohabitated, with varying degrees of happiness, sordidness, and drama. When we called it quits, we struggled to maintain the friendship which had been the foundation of our love affair. Due to our intimacy from being romantically involved, we had a bond, trust, and closeness with one another which we both cherished and wanted to maintain, even though we mutually acknowledged that we didn't make the greatest couple in the world. Five years later, however, we still count each other as the greatest of friends. I was even the "maid of honor" at her wedding.

A couple of weeks ago, she began a LiveJournal, filling it with thoughts and stories from her experiences as a wife, mother, family historian, non-traditional college student, and odd-jobber extraordinaire. With her busy life, she finds little time for social activities and craves adult interaction. So far, she's had a blast interacting with me and Welf but I'm sure she'd love to make some more LJ friends. You can find her journal over at aloneinky, which come to think of it would've been a great user name for me, although in her case the KY stands for Kentucky.

No, I haven't forgotten about gams. It's just that I only have three photos left because no one is sending me any! These gams come to you courtesy of the_fishery, reprising a photo similar to the one she submitted last year, though this one is a lot more fun.

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ahh, Matthew Sweet singing all the stuff that goes on in the brain and the late Mr Quine playing all the stuff that goes on in the heart. That was part of my soundtrack from the Bad Old Days, ahahahahaha!!!


Quine's work on that track is one of my favorite guitar leads ever. It's on Guitar Hero II so I always have to play it and then it gets stuck in my head for DAYS.

Yeah, it is truly awesome, my favourite guitar solo of his apart from his intro to a live "Sweet Jane" of Lou Reed's that I have. I particularly love how it's arranged; he's chattering to himself throughout the song, and everything's going well, and then that solo jumps everything up a notch.

It's really more of an "outburst" than a "solo", now that I think about it.

Ugh. Someone please tattoo do gams on my hand. I take a photograph of myself for every day but I can't remember to do gams. Blah!

I will remember.
I will remember.
I will remember....

(Deleted comment)
(Deleted comment)
Love the gams photo. Kids are so cute, especially when you know they're having fun. :-)

And PS -- Binghamton (and the area near it) are not upstate. They're downstate. Upstate is Buffalo, Rochester, Syracuse, and sometime Albany (depending upon who you are talking to). :-) No biggie.

Heh... I figured there was probably a technicality, but I basically consider anything that's not in the NYC metro area "upstate". :)

That is the most fun picture ever. It's a really creative angle. I WONDER IF SHE IS NAKED, TOO!

Maybe she's naked and being proppef up on someone else's feet. WE MAY NEVER KNOW!

I just saw this for the first time!!

wouldn't you like to know ^-^

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