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i wonder how long it will take 'til we're alone sitting on the front porch of our home
fter a week of agonizing over the financing glitch we encountered last week, I finally got the phone call today that we were approved for a mortgage. I immediately called my realtor and left her a voicemail. After not hearing anything from her after a couple of hours, and an increasingly impatient welfy needing to know about that status of the house we want to buy, I placed a phone call to the listing realtor. He informed me that he currently had no offers on the house. I told him he did, now.

Barring any unforseen glitches, hitches, or sons of bitches... we should be homeowners within the next 30-40 days. Yeeehaw.

Now comes the really fun stuff.

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I know we wiil. I have no doubts of that. :)

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