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i wonder how long it will take 'til we're alone sitting on the front porch of our home
fter a week of agonizing over the financing glitch we encountered last week, I finally got the phone call today that we were approved for a mortgage. I immediately called my realtor and left her a voicemail. After not hearing anything from her after a couple of hours, and an increasingly impatient welfy needing to know about that status of the house we want to buy, I placed a phone call to the listing realtor. He informed me that he currently had no offers on the house. I told him he did, now.

Barring any unforseen glitches, hitches, or sons of bitches... we should be homeowners within the next 30-40 days. Yeeehaw.

Now comes the really fun stuff.

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Great. There goes our rent money.

Congrats, sir.

Thank you! Of course, I'll be requiring that Paul come pay me in person and I'll expect you to come, too. We'll have plenty of room for you. :)


He owes you about twenty bucks already, BTW.

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