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tacky tragic
'm glad my Minneapolis LJ friends are safe and secure after the bridge collapse there yesterday. After learning about it online, I was surprised at how slow it was to become a national news story. Unchararcteristically for me, I was sitting in front of a telelvision. It was well over three hours before I saw/heard any mention of it on broadcast television.

With the lag time it can take for Google spiders to catalogue new media on the internets and the sluggishness of the national media, a central repository like YouTube proves to be an invaluable source for quick access to media as local netizens rushed to be get their photo montages and home video online. Some merely recorded local television coverage.

Is it just me thinking that videos like this tribute are just incredibly tacky and insulting, though? The song they used is "Who Can Say Where the Road Goes" by Enya. Wtf? Why didn't they just use "Highway To Hell" or that old chestnut "Take Me To the River" (drop me in the water!)... oooh, ooh, I know, "Under The Bridge." I went so far as to leave my opinion in a comment to the user. And yes, I do realize the poster of the content was only 13, all the more reason to point it out I think.

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i just heard about this from my maintenance guy and went running to news sites. i have of course been in a moving-related information void but it did point out to me that i am not good enough about keeping up on current affairs.

I'm almost always in an information black hole just because I don't typically pay attention to news sources and usually find-out things way after the fact.

I would lay money on the idea that they used that song at least in part because it was so prevalent in post-9/11 tribute videos. So not only was it tacky and insulting, it was completely unoriginal.

Perhaps. I don't really pay attention to all of the tribute stuff and pass right over it when I come into contact with it. I was just trying to find some footage of the scene and came across it. It reeeeeally was a poor choice of music. I think it's even worse that they didn't put much effort or thought into their "tribute". It goes further to prove my point in my comment to them that their posting of it was only an exercise in gratifying their own ego.

That's all.

If it would have happened on Friday....this would have been a different story....I would have been crossing at the about time of the accident.

I think a lot of YouTube sucks. Either I get bored with it or it isn't done well. I'm picky per say!

yea "tacky"

I hate crap like that... I vote for "Highway To Hell" though

The song they used is "Who Can Say Where the Road Goes" by Enya.

Actually the title of that song is "Only Time".

All of her songs tend to blend together, however.

Actually, I logged on to the 'net when Mom and Dad turned on the Twin Cities 6:30 broadcast news to see if it had hit the national wires yet, and it was already being carried on Drudge Report, CNN, the NY Times, BreitBart, and the Associated Press.

So it took a while for the broadcast stations to grab it, but it hit the national wires within twenty minutes.

The song is "Only Time" by Enya.

Um, and I totally didn't know that because I own the cd. Ummm...

...if it makes you feel any better, it's just a copy of one I bought for MY MOM. So um, there. I showed YOU!

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