It ain't pretty being easy... (soopageek) wrote,
It ain't pretty being easy...

Location: Beloit, Wisconsin

I went gambling the other night when I was in Joliet, Illinois. All I can say is, that 7 grand has spoiled me. Within about 45 minutes I had turned my initial 100 bucks into about 400 dollars but I wasn't satisfied. Shoulda walked and instead ended up losing that plus my original money. Easy come, easy go.

Spent the entire today in the Chicago area and, for once, the traffic was reasonably tolerable. I took some pictures of the skyline but I'm too lazy to do anything with them right now. I'll post them later.

Tomorrow I'll be in Madison, Milwaukee, and Appleton, Wisconsin before heading back to Arthur for my next load. Not much exciting going on here, just ramblin' and gamblin' ;-). Just biding my time (and funds) until Robin and I hit NYC in 10 more days. Woohoo!

On a sad note, I got an email from a very dear friend whose father took his own life. Due to the constraints of our lives, we haven't kept in touch as regularly as we would like and this is the first I had heard from her in a while. My heart goes out to ya Steph. I love you and if I could carry some of your pain I'd do it and ask if you had any more.

Inspired by some folks (huskerdude1 and angiewarhol) who have been issuing mix CD's to LJ friends, I'm thinking of doing something similiar however with mp3's on some webspace. This would occur on a semi-regular basis, for folks who are interested. I made an attempt to work at this the other night, but the webspace I acquired had a 50 meg limit, which is hardly enough for enough mp3's to make one full audio CD. So, I'm considering (a) just doing "mini mixes" which people could peruse and then form their own CD's out of later after amassing enough stuff they are interested in, (b) acquiring a second 50 meg space (hey, it's free!), however, that would mean folks would have to go to two different places to get it all, or (c) finding some free space with more room all in one location. Thoughts/suggestions welcome. Or would anyone even be interested?

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