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i don't wanna even know your name
oday is the day that all of the various inspectors are descending on the house welfy and I are planning to buy. The home inspector is already finished and I spoke with him briefly about his findings. He said for a house its age it's in remarkably good shape. All of the deficiences he found are reasonably minor (missing storm windows, electrical outlets, downspouts, etc), with the exception of the central air conditioning unit which he could't get to blow cold. I'll hire a HVAC guy to check it out, as well as the furnace since there was some issue with an old space heater in the basement that prevented the gas company from turning on the gas. At best, maybe it just needs a good recharging of freon. At worse, Welf and I might have to suffer the remainder of the summer and replace the unit before next summer. Maybe get a cheap window unit for the bedroom to make for comfortable sleeping if necessary.

So the deal is virtually sealed. I still have to hear back from the termite inspecotrs as well as the appraisers, but I'm not anticipating any issues there. My main concern for a deal breaker was some major deficiency in the foundation or roof. In a mere ten days, Welf and I will be home owners.

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Yay! That's awesome. :-)

Hello run on;
housewelfyhouseymousey look at the soopacoopain'da housey!

Okay, don't ask. I'm just in a weird mood so that comment felt totally worth it.

You can negotiate

If the AC and Furnace dont work (or cant be proven to work) than you
need to re-neogiate the asking price.

Seriously, I would REQUIRE the sellers to PAY for inspection, and fixing
of both units before you purchase the house.

When I bought a house a while ago - I had the sellers put on a new roof
($2800) - and the house I just sold - my buyer did the same thing to me.

If you pay the currently negotiated price with out a working AC or Furnace
you are a sucker. Hopefully your real estate person will tell you that.

I'd try to either:
1) get them to fix (and be able to provide receipts) for a fully working AC and FURNACE
2) get them to lower the price 5,000 bucks.

Im not kidding.


If you are paying 10,000 LESS than the asking price -- than maybe you dont
do that.


Re: You can negotiate

Minga lurk'n the journal!

My feeling is that this house is already priced a good 15k-20k under what it could be worth. The house is a foreclosure property that someone has "flipped" and they were more than clear about it being sold in an "as-is" condition. I have no issue sinking anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand into the AC when I'm getting this great house for a song as it is. I'll reap the benefits on resale down the road.

wow, congrats. it's good to hear that the house is in such good shape. the things you menion are minor. and if you are aware of the a/c and furnace thats even better. i'm happy for you both.

You should come to Lexington and soon. At Lewis's store they have lots of great things on sell right now. Water heaters are 50% off right now and also great prices on kitchen needs and light fixtures. We bought a water heater just in case. Nothing is wrong with ours but it was a great price and he still got his discount.

We're just waiting for the appraiser to send the report to the mortgage guy...it's been a week. Apparently appraisers can hold things up...ours went MIA. We're a bit annoyed.

Hope that doesn't happen to you!

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