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oday is the day that all of the various inspectors are descending on the house welfy and I are planning to buy. The home inspector is already finished and I spoke with him briefly about his findings. He said for a house its age it's in remarkably good shape. All of the deficiences he found are reasonably minor (missing storm windows, electrical outlets, downspouts, etc), with the exception of the central air conditioning unit which he could't get to blow cold. I'll hire a HVAC guy to check it out, as well as the furnace since there was some issue with an old space heater in the basement that prevented the gas company from turning on the gas. At best, maybe it just needs a good recharging of freon. At worse, Welf and I might have to suffer the remainder of the summer and replace the unit before next summer. Maybe get a cheap window unit for the bedroom to make for comfortable sleeping if necessary.

So the deal is virtually sealed. I still have to hear back from the termite inspecotrs as well as the appraisers, but I'm not anticipating any issues there. My main concern for a deal breaker was some major deficiency in the foundation or roof. In a mere ten days, Welf and I will be home owners.
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