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out there is a fortune waiting to be had
nyone who's been around me for any length of time knows one thing for certain: I am a fan of Dr. Pepper. It's my soda of choice, hands down. Years ago, I had heard that their main plant in Texas still made it with the original recipe, with cane sugar instead of corn syrup. It's been a foodstuff holy grail for me ever since. Today, I finally had an opportunity to try one. It definitely gives it a different flavor and is totally awesome. Hey fujerica, want me to bring you one?

Sally was a pain in the ass yesterday. First, she conspired with the trailer to have the door unlatch itself while I was pulling out of a dock. The door swung wide and clipped the mirror of the truck beside me. Luckily, the truck had break-away mirrors and no damage was done. Then one of her tires went flat and I had to get it replaced. Finally, the fan on the HVAC in the bunk stopped blowing which... blows, frankly... especially in this heat. Then this morning, the blower was mysteriously working again, although not as strong as it should. Crazy bucket of bolts. I hope I can just keep her together until I'm through with the payments, then I'll have plenty of cash to sink into her and get her all fixed up sweet.

All we're waiting on with the house is for the appraisal paper work to be completed. Home inspection? Check. Termite inspection? No treatment recommended. Home owner's insurance policy? Check. Notice given to landlord? Check. As long as the appriasers don't drag their feet, we're still on track to close on the house next Friday. I'll be glad, too. I'm tired of all this headache.

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Kosher Coca Cola is also made with cane sugar instead of, well, crap.


That I did not know. I'll hafta keep an eye out for kosher Coke.

check around Heeb Passover.

Mexican Coke (that is, Coca-Cola imported from Mexico, not to be confused with Mexican coke-with-a-small-c) is also made with real cane sugar, and is widely available in Texas year-round at most all grocery stores, in the Hispanic-foods aisle.

Well, I've actually had Coke in Mexico so I guess I have had it, I just probably didn't notice.... or notice a difference.

While stopped at a small road-side convenience store here on the border, I noticed that they had imported Coca Cola in glass bottles so I checked the ingredients to be sure and it was indeed made with sugar. I bought a cold one for the road. :)

Gross!! Dr.Pepper is nasty.

Well, I used to drink it until Dad told me it was made of prunes. I doubt thats true but just the thought, I couldn't drink it again. Brandon and the boys like it though.

I'm a Pepsi girl myself.

Congrats on the house!! I didn't realize yall were that close! How exciting. And you have the perfect moving truck, lol.

I've heard that urban myth about prunes, too. I highly doubt it, but who knows?

Naw I'll rent a truck. This truck/trailer is entirely too big for that purpose. Thanks for the v-gift!

I am a fan of Dr. Pepper

Nectar of the GODS.

mmmm.. dublin dr. pepper. You can find it in 24 packs there sometimes for just about the same price as regular DP.

I bought several bottles to take on the road with me in case I don't run acorss it again any time soon. I'm gonna save at least one bottle for my dad, who I got my love of Dr. Pepper from. I don't know that he's ever had it either.

Okay, I've been following the course of sallys problems. What you need is a sledge hammer. Open the hood and give it a good threat, complete with profanity, make sure you include asseater though RE: hairy_canary

If that doesn't remedy the situation open the hood again and select the most fragile looking part and beat it until it falls off, threaten that if things don't work right the others will be next.

This sounds like an excellent (and reasonably priced) plan.

I know you know that a good cursing out to a vehicle works wonders, sometimes even better than actually fixing the problem (makes you feel more accomplished anyway)

Hell times without number I've called the caddy a cunt only to have it work perfectly after (Not really)

And this is your professional opinion? ;-)

Both you and I know I'm a consummate professional when it comes to the matter of mechanics. With no tolerance to levity to the matter. Yes, this is my *professional opinion.

*Note: Not my professional opinion.

How can you spot this mysterious and rare Dr. Pepper? It's my favorite carbonized beverage as well, and I've never heard of there being multiple versions. I suppose I could head to Texas for a bottle, but that would be a bit of a trip.. I wonder if I can get it off eBay haha..

The throw-back logo for one... also if you look at the bottle in the photo, you can see it says "Imperial Sugar".

Actually, you can order it straight from the bottler.

Izzit too late to say bring me one? My friends from Houston ended up not being able to visit after all :-(

I still have two bottles, one intended for my dad. I'll save the other one for you.

I don't know if you saw the link I posted in the comment above to refused_ but you can order it directly from the bottler, too.

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