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i'm a midnight teaser, real soul pleaser
only have to make it through one more week with Tom. He plans on taking his PTO when I head home this coming weekend. He's beginning to get on my nerves. He's 32 and has a 19 year old fiance. No big deal right? Hello pot, this is the kettle and you're looking mighty black today. But it's the 19 year old younger sister of his ex-wife. Every day he fights with her on the phone, asking her where she's been, what she's been doing, accusing her of lying, sure that she's cheating on him. Heh. Um, dude your fiance is so morally bankrupt that she'd have a relationship with her sister's husband. What're you expecting here?

Oh yeah, and he has a Nextel phone. This means lots of walkie-talkie conversations. Last night, while stuck in Brownsville, TX for the night we went to a reasonably nice Mexican seafood restaurant. In the middle of dinner, she two-ways him and for nearly five minutes carries on a conversation with her with the volume at full blast. Now granted, I'm not the most refined person on the planet, but I do have manners. He didn't excuse himself, ask her to call instead, or anything. He just sat there having this conversation with her and that annoying chirp going off every 15-20 seconds and her voice broadcasting through out the restaurant.

As if all of this wasn't enough, he talks just like Sam in I Am Sam. Both in tone and cadence. It's maddening.

We're now in Laredo waiting on a new load. My guess is we're here for the night. While getting a much needed shower, the truckstop PA was pumping out classic soul and put me in a mood. After returning to the truck I grabbed the headphones and loaded the laptop up with some Wilson Picket, Otis Redding, and Ray Charles. Tom was back from his shower, two-waying back and forth with his girl, so blasting "I'm a Midnight Mover" was a nice escape.

was watching a really bad slasher/zombie movie the other night called Severed. Seriously, if you're already getting an R rating for the gore and violence anyway and you DON'T have gratuitous nudity; just don't make the damn movie, okay? I mean really, there was even a romantic sub-plot and sex scene that cut to the next morning with NOTHING. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!?!?! The female character was a tree-hugging activist, so naturally when she was offered a ham sandwich she announced she was vegan. I chuckled a bit at the awful stereotyping and then later got to thinking about how much vegans irk me.

Now, don't get me wrong. I don't care what anyone chooses to do with their life. It's your body and if it makes you happy, knock yourself out. There are lots of people who just don't like red meat and choose predominantly vegetarian diets for themselves or do so for genuine, specific health conditions under the care of a physician. What irks me about a lot of vegans though, is the militant self-righteousness, blatant propoganda, lies, departure from reality, and lack of logic used in justifying what is nothing more than the fashionable lifestyle choice of a pretentious, self-important twit. Not only is the belief that a vegan diet is better for you than a balanced diet which includes meat patently wrong, it can be dangerous if you just swallow most of the vegan propoganda for the sake of being trendy.

There's a reason why emo kids are all pasty, underweight, and sickly looking. Grow-up and have a pork chop, son.

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Laredo is a hole.. but you'll be driving past Cowboy's BBQ on 35 :D

Oh, I've already been thinking about Cowboys. That and the Czech Stop are the only two redeeming qualities of the drive from San Antonio to Dallas.

Obnoxious mobile phone calls are irritating enough. I can't begin to imagine idiot two-way conversations. Well, apart from the ones that surrounded the dispatching of jobs to cabs in the 80s/90s, I suppose.

Hey, did you get the best of CCC stuff from our mutual friend? It really is very, very good.

Sadly, I have to admit to having a Nextel phone myself for about a year and a half. I always HATED the two-way feature which Nextel basically forces you into because it's an unlimited-usage feature of their service. I was so glad to be rid of that evil, evil phone.

I did grab the CCC thing but I downloaded it to my home computer for the sake of expedience. Based on your sterling recommendation I shall have to check it out. Maybe I'll FTP into my machine and grab it tonight.

I like meat!
I like meat!
I don't like dead animals
But I like meat!

I can't wait until you get rid of Tom. I've never seen someone with such a soul-less personality.


do you know many vegans? i know online it's easy to find the extreme-annoying-vegan-militant types, but i know many vegans who are overwhelmingly not pretentious and have not chosen the diet to be trendy, you know? i really think it's one of those cases of the obnoxious minority causing problems for the smarter majority. a thoughtfully planned vegan diet may not be better than a diet that includes meat, but it can definitely be as nutritious.

The reality is that, a vegan diet does not sufficiently provide enough of the nutrients that a human being needs without supplementing it artificially with pills. Being that there is no GOOD nutritional reason to go to the extreme of being vegan (full lacto/ovo/meat prohibition) the stance is usually a moral one from genuine concerns like the inhumane treatment of animals in modern husbandry to ludicrous notions about how meat eating contributes to world famine. Simple vegetarianism I can understand, but going to the extreme of eschewing all animal products is typically founded on a moral principle that doesn't hold water any way you look at it, and that's the part that irks me.

Screw the pork chops, if I'm eating meat, give me some fuckin' chicken.

Mmmmm chicken. Pan fried with mashed potatoes and gravy. Oh yeah.

Heh. I came close to writing a similar rant a little while ago when I saw a newspaper article about some vegan group in New Zealand who had banned sex with non-vegans. 'Cos like, meat eaters bodies are, like, you know, graveyards for animals. (They actually said that.)

Vegans are quite welcome to shag each other and leave me out. Tired and sickly with their lentilburger farts. They may park their woven grass sandals elsewhere.

HAHAHAHA! Graveyards for animals. Sheesh. I guess it's to the point that meat eaters have cooties now?

At least we don't have to worry about them breeding very successfully with their weakened uteruses and high incidences of anemia.

Tom creeps me right the fuck out. If you haven't murdered him by the end then I think you deserve a cookie.

Mmm...emo boys. So easy to break with spoons.

How do people have sex with emo boys/girls? I'd be afraid of snapping them right in half.

Shhhh, dude! Don't tell 'em it's not healthy. Otherwise how can natural selection run its course?

I fear we may have to begin issuing hunting licenses to control the population.... then again that could be fun. Open season!

Some hippies are the most closed minded individuals I know. And I know of which I speak. In terms of willingness to listen to an alternate point of view, the self-subjection to honest analysis, and admission that perhaps not all parts of all arguments are possibly flawed, They are worse than many conservatives.

Actually I misspeak a little. I lived in what used to be a hippie commune in Berkeley CA. The old hippies who were really around and personally knew people in the original free speech movement were not anything like what you see today- vegans, freegans EMO/GothWannaBes. Most of them lived through the aftermath of the excesses, watching friends get sick/pregnant and move away, back to the land, whereever and are pretty open minded as long as your thing doesn't tread on their thing. Those cats installed compact flourescent lights, a instant on water heater, took the bus instead of driving their car and forgot about all the other stuff.

I digress, but for me, too far to either the left or right is a dangerous thing. And we oughta be content to let everyone else figure out what makes them happy and apply a little common sense to any given social problem instead of such radicalism.

I know what you mean. I have a bit of a blend of left and right ideas about things, depending on the subject. When I was a younger man, I began to find the right really shrill and migrated to a more leftist outlook. At first I would get wrapped up in agreeing with a lot of their points and be like "Cool" but I began to see that at times the far left could be just as self-righteous. This was driven home for me while listening to one of Jello Biafra's spoken word albums when he told a story about visiting the Family First headquarters in Colorado. He relayed how he pilfered piles of their free literature and took it with him so that it wouldn't get distributed.

Now I'm a firm believer in the need for subversion from time to time, but he was in their establishment. It just struck me as being incredibly petty for the sake of his own beliefs, and the unwavering opinion that his is the right one, to do that on their turf. It's not like it was some neutral place where it might influence some random passer-by, it was literature intended for people who came their specifically seeking it.

I think that for some people it's easier to see things in black and white and jump to one side or the other and then once you're over there, you feel obligated to toe the line on what everyone else believes.

Anyway, the late great Richard Jenni said it best:

As soon as you start talking about political things, that's when everybody weighs in. Yeah, everybody gets pissed off. Because a lot of people are very extreme, people are very sure about what they believe. They're on the far right, or they're on the far left of politics. If you're on the far right or the far left, you know what you've done now? You've gone too far. Because that's where you find the extremist whackos, right out there.

After 9/11 I was so mad, I said "That's it, I'm becoming a hard-nosed, hard-assed right-wing Republican fucker." So you run all the way over to the far right side, and there they are. There's your right wing crew: a bunch of money grubbing, greenhouse gassing, seal clubbing, oil drilling, Bible thumping, missile firing, right-to-life-ing, lethal injecting hypocrites. There they are, people whose idea of a good time is strapping a dead panda to the front of a Lincoln Navigator and running over everybody in the Gay Parade.

Well, I can't deal with them. Get outta here. I'm going over here to the left side, to be with all these loony lefty liberal people. And there's the crew: a bunch of bong smoking, America bashing, flag burning, yoga posing, incense burning, dolphin saving, salmon eating hypocrites. There they are, there's the crew. These are the sensitive liberal people who are always yelling about everybody's freedom of speech and expression .... unless you happen to say something that pisses them off! Then they can't wait to tie your ass to the back bumper of a Toyota hybrid and drag you to the Berkeley campus and drop your carcass in front of the Fidel Castro Building for the Continuing Study of Why America Sucks. Lunatics!

The only place that makes sense to be is a little more moderate, in here, right? The centrist, the middle, like me, yeah .... bunch of flip flopping, fence sitting, half in ,half out, half-assed, non-voting so they can bitch no matter who wins. Those are your guys.

Unrelated, but I don't feel like opening my email.

You oughta get back to Niagara Falls, but stay on the US side. Dude, we were there last weekend. You could spend weeks exploring just the abandoned buildings we drove by.

Re: Unrelated, but I don't feel like opening my email.

I've an eFriend who has spent a lot of time exploring the old generating stations and underground pipes in the Niagara area. It looks like a lot of fun.

Oh to be able to just pickup and do and see everything in the world.

And Tom is planning on staying on the East side of the Mississippi, right? :D

Hehehe, you wish. He;ll be all over the country I'm sure. He's not a bad driver though, just not a very interesting person.

I was thinking about that vegan thing a few days ago. I mean, this is what went through my mind:

1. Reason and logic based on constructive thinking demotes that we were descended from apes. While apes are omnivores, they certainly don't seem (based on my knowledge) to be carnivores. Rather, their protein needs seemed to be brought forth from lower beings, such as grubs, ants, etc. Our ancestors were not cow eaters.

2. Mammal meat's not so nutritious, especially when cooked, and especially when compared against alternatives like fish, insects (yuck! but good for you), nuts and even, though less so, birds.

3. Aside from the canine teeth, we're not built like predators. We don't have sharp teeth, claws, or superior senses or physical forms when compared to most other animals.

It seems to me like meat-eating traits were a biological adaptation somewhere down the biological or historical path, and a biological adaptation is one step removed from a biological compromise.

So I dunno. I don't think NO MEAT is a good idea, but I don't know if chicken skin, pork chops and steak are really a superior alternative, considering what they do for heart disease.

Either way, why attack their choice? Firing back in that kind of way only breeds more of the sentiment that you resent.

See it's myths like these which keep getting propogated.

1 & 3) The human stomach produces hyrdochloric acid to aid in the digestion of meat, a function not found in herbivores. Regardless of whatever logic you apply to any notions about evolution, the fact remains that our bodies are built to digest meat and any claims that we were somehow "meant" for vegetarian diets, or that meat eating is some sort of biological compromise is simply false.

2) Meat and meat products, mammal or otherwise, is the lone, natural source of appropriate levels of protein, B12, Vitamin D, and Vitamin A... all of which are essential to human diet. Additionally, you get plentiful amounts of iron from meat as well.

Finally, the claim that saturated fats (animal fat) causes heart disease is probably the biggest unsubstantiated claim made by most vegetarian proponents. In fact, there is evidence that suggests that: 1) arterial plaque is comprised of unsaturated fats and 2) polyunsaturated fatty acids in refined vegetable oils are major contributors to both heart disease AND cancer.

And this is why the vegan movement bothers me. It has gotten to a point that people believe that meat is not good for you simply because we've been told repeatedly that it is, even in the face of studies and research which proves it to be untrue, and still further, in the belief that fats obtained from vegetables is hunky dory and can't be detrimental to you at all. This is what I meant in my comment above to hazlewood by systematic misinformation. There are legions of people who are misinformed and have begun to believe this polar view that meat=bad veggies=good. The reality is, you need a balanced diet of both, period.

Throw a chair at him.........

I love it when "they" have circles under their eyes and it's not b/c of lack of sleep! I want to say eat a Big Mac or eat a pork chop sandwhich
- I couldn't do the freaking Atkins diet but I can't imagine being a veg 100% of the time! Can you imagine the loss of flavor in your food?

Also, props to you for calling out your dumb ass roadie
- I agree, with the Jerry Springer comment
- what do you think Ms. Moral is doing?
*That also urks me!!!
- out of all the people in the US - you can't find someone you used to not be related to? just trashy .....

Re: Throw a chair at him.........

I think Ms. Moral is just being a somewhat typical 19 year old who wants to party, and hang out with her friends, and flirt with boys... and not feel tied down by an over-bearing father-figure with a considerable personality deficit. Heh.

had to laugh here...as someone who came off the Atkins Diet 3 months before meeting her current love and now has 90% of her meals fit in the Organic Vegetarian column, I can feel your pain. I didn't switch for politics though...I switched because I know a good thing when I see and taste it. Jahn is an incredible cook and he's a caretaker--he asked if I minded if he did the cooking and my response was "are you KIDDING?? Go ahead!" I like to cook, but I also like to be cooked for. If I want something that doesn't meet his vegetarian diet (and he's been vegetarian for health reasons for almost 40 years so he's got it down to a science), I buy it and eat it. Usually, I stick with chicken or fish, but the folks at Carl's Jr. know when I've had a hard week because I'm in there ordering their Western Bacon Cheeseburger more than once.

I have to agree with you about the fashionable vegan/vegetarians--if you're going to do it, do it for a reason other than "everyone else is doing it." And do it with some planning and some preparation for God's sake.

What I want to know, since we're on the veggie topic...I had a cup of "100% natural potato leek soup" for lunch and rounded it out with a small bag of Fritos and 4 pieces of red licorice. That's a balanced meal, isn't it??

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