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i'm not a little girl and you sure are not my dad
back dat ass up
om surprised me and opted to get off the truck yesterday and fly home from Laredo, something about a limited window of opportunity for seeing his daughter this weekend and he wanted to be sure he was home for it. So I'm solo for the moment, but there's a good chance I could snag a new student in Dallas this afternoon since it looks like I'll be sitting here until this evening.

s per my daily routine of late, I made the requisite phone calls to my real estate agent and the lending agent. We're trying to schedule a time for the closing this Friday afternoon. It was beginning to look like we were all set to stick a fork in this puppy then I get word today that no one seems to have the deed to the property. Um, what? This is a foreclosure property, being sold by the bank who holds the old mortgage. Why would they put a house on the market they don't even have the title for or not have taken the steps necessary to procure a new one before doing so? Grrrr. At the moment, it's unsure how long this will take with only 72 hours left to go 'til closing, I fear this is going to delay things. The question is how long?

h fine, have some gams; a display of ink from oberonia.

his afternoon for lunch I had my first experience with Whataburger. Good stuff. As far as major regional burger joints go, this only leaves Fatburger on my list to try. Unless there's something I'm forgetting. I'll likely not get loaded until this evening, so I've been max'n and relax'n, listening to some Sonic Youth with Sally. I think I'll fire-up the DVD player and watch Seven Samurai, a long over-due complement to my viewing of The Magnificent Seven several weeks ago.

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BBEB and I are redoing a house. The best advice to remember is everything will take longer and cost about 20% more than you expect, even if you think you are being generous with the costs. But it's so worth it!

Apparently the mortgage company spent the day "working it" and everything is resolved. We close at noon on Friday! Yippee!

The only major expenses I'm expecting with this place in the forseeable future is buying appliances and fixing the AC. Everything else is cosmetic and negligible in cost.

Seven Samurai = Awesome. Good taste there, sir!

It was good, though LOOOONG. Sheesh. It was like 3.5 hours. It's the Criterion release too, so I'm sure there are hours upon hours of bonus materials to look though, too.

I'd be interested in knowing which scenes were ADDED to the extended version- I don't believe I have that one at home. My version seemed extremely complete, except for the fact that there were some Samurai added fairly hastily in the beginning and killed without being properly developed. I tried to count in my head all seven samurai at the end of the movie and found that I could only name six. To make matters worse, the cover of my version of the DVD only had six on it.

Otherwise, it was a great firsthand look at a cultural perspective from an era and culture that is not very accessible anymore.

I can usually remember the foolish one, the old and wise one, the young one, the master warrior, the poor one that fights to work, the old friend of the old and wise one, but there's one more, and he always escapes me- the good-natrued one, maybe? Is he also the old friend of the old and wise one?

They all seemed very iconic to me- the villagers and bandits as well, for that matter.

The seven as I recall them:

1. The older, wise one who leads them
2. The young one who gets the girl
3. The wild, brash one
4. The one who's constantly perfecting his skill that the young one comes to idolize and the brash one foolishly emulates
5. The one who's the old comrade of the leader

Those are the five that are fully developed characters. The other two were not developed much at all.

6. One of them was found in the street, and was the first true recruit. The leader told the young guy to try and hit him over the head with the stick, which became a running gag for the old comrade and the brash one's recruiting as well. He told the leader he would join because he was intrigued by the leader's personality and character.

7. The seventh you mentioned, he was the one that was chopping wood for food when he was recruited and was described as having "second rate" skills.

I was disappointed that the only bonus material was an old trailer and a commentary track. Have you seen The Magnificent Seven?

The trailer was kind of fun, though. I haven't seen the seven- I should, I suppose.

Whataburger is pretty good. I've only had it once, in Jackson Mississippi, even though there's one right down the street from us here. Curious.

It was rather tasty indeed. It reminded me a lot of the burgers at a geasy spoon back home in Lexington.

I am sick to death of this fucking stupid phrase, "window of opportunity" and your worse magnafackle of it, "limited window of opportunity". What the fucking hell does "window of opportunity" mean? Oh, an event whose timeframe is limited and only "open" for a while and then it gets "shut" and "nothing more" can pass through it conceptually? Are people so fucking stupid they need to imagine a window on somebody's fucking house, or caravan, or whatever, to understand a concept like that? Why should it be a window? Why not a "dumbwaiter of opportunity"? Or a "barndoor" of opportunity? Or a "tailgate" of opportunity? They all close and shut as well. So, man, if I have five minutes of trial time left on a lesbian pregnancy porn site, is that a "peephole of opportunity"? Jesus. And what if he only gets to talk to his daughter but not touch her? Does it become a FLYSCREEN OF OPPORTUNITY? Can he SHOUT AT HER THROUGH THE MESH FOR A FEW HOURS UNTIL SOMEBODY CLOSES THE WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY BECAUSE OF ALL THE SHOUTING??? And what is a "limited" window of opportunity? Does it only half close because the walls of opportunity in the dwelling of opportunity shifted a bit and you have to force it hard like this to open and close it properly? Do you have to open it with the handle of a screwdriver 'cause the vandals took the handles? I bet the pumps don't work either for the same reason. Fucking hell. LIMITED WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY. Next you'll be giving people a "HEADS UP" about things.

Lift your fucking game, man. This is disgraceful.

Hoooweee... not had your coffee this morning?

I imagine after sitting in those training sessions, you've just about had your fill of over-used expressions for the week.

I just tried Fatburger last week--it was yum.

Of course, it's really difficult to make a BAD burger and stay in business for very long. Fatburger is now at the top of my list... someday... :)

Have you ever checked out any of the supposed best burgers in NYC? Apparently there's one with a huge slab of butter on it. SCARY!

You mean like, they just put butter patties on the burger with the other condiments? That sounds... intriguing.

Yep, I remember it being something like a quarter-inch of butter just hanging out on top of the burger. I think it was the Food Network that talked about it.

I can just imagine alllll that butter melting in a big pool on my plate for me to sop up with the bun.

Sometime when you visit your sister, you need to have her take you for a Nighthawk special at Columbia's in Lexington... that'll give you an idea of how butter can complement beef. :)

Ahh, well, sadly I still haven't quite worked myself up to bigtime beef after all my years of vegetarianism and then only chicken. I've finally been able to handle sausage and turkey burgers, but I don't know if I'm ready for a big porterhouse, which is all I can imagine you have in mind. It's weird to realise how little control I have over my brain.

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