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a done deal
e closed on the house this afternoon! I have the keys in my hot little hands. This weekend will be filled with moving, major appliance purchasing and general home improvement. O my internets, I fear I shan't have time for thee.

Congratulations on the closing. Have fun loading that place up.

Very exciting!


apt userpic, lets hope your house fares better.

So, my benefactor, does this mean in addition to adopting me I now have a secondary permanent residence, somehwere to hang my hat when welcome nowhere else ;)

Seriously, congratulations and all that other standard fare that's bound to be said 50348973536 times in comments.

Let's hope you never have a need for a place to stay... but you'd be more than welcome if it was necessary... uh, son.

Congrats, congrats, congrats!!! That is awesome!


See you in line at Lowe's from here on out!

I've been two Lowe's three times today... and Home Depot twice!

Congrats to you both! Welcome to the world of neverending debt and housework. ;-) It's always nice to have a place be your "home", though!

Congrats! Two appliance suggestions - if you go to a best buy kind of place, they can negotiate. If you tell them you saw it at a competitor for less money, they will usually meet that price to get the sale. And if you go to a locally owned place, ask if paying cash makes a difference.

surely you are going to have a bitchin party, yes?

I'm sure after we get settled-in we'll have some sort of dinner/house-warming/what-the-fuck-ever party.

Lucky, I hope to be a real life home owner one day