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teach them well and let them lead the way
s I drive back and forth across the country, I'm regularly assaulted by billboard advertisements along the highway. It has caused me some amount of concern that, with increasing frequency, I see Kids Eat Free. This is a growing problem in our nation that must be addressed now before it's too late. We need a unified effort in the future to insure that an adequate guage of chain is being used, with industrial pad locks, and that a suitable, secure anchor point is being utilized at all times.

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I do agree.. that is a growing issue that I also see as a huge problem.. fewer and fewer places to go and not have to worry about kids..

I still make it a point to glare menacingly at parents who are rude enough to keep their little fuck trophies in the dining room of a nice restaurant while they are screaming and annoying all the patrons around. Nine time out of ten, it works and I don't have to ask the management to remove the offending person.

Fuck trophies? Are you kidding me???

i thought it was brilliant :)

I made that one up awhile ago.. people fuck, the kid is like a trophy..

"look! we can fuck and got an award!"

I have nothing against kids, but I think it has gotten a bit silly the extent to which establishments try to make EVERYTHING kid friendly. Las Vegas may as well be Disneyland these days.

it wasn't when i was dragged there at 17 by my dad. there was bugger all to do in vegas at 17 ca. 1993.

That was well before the New York New York Hotel opened with it's amusement park rides... speaking of New York, that's another good example. I didn't make it there until the 21st century. After visiting it many times, I caught an old episode of Law & Order from the early 90s and the location shot was some seedy street with old porn theaters and street hookers; which I had never seen anything like that in my visits there so far. Out of curiosity, I Googled the name of the theater to find out where in the city it was.

It was 48th St. just off Times Square, a place I walked by every.time. I went to NYC when I left the bus station. What's was there now? A Disney store connected to the theater which ran The Lion King, a McDonald's, and Madame Toussauds.

yep. GIULIANI FOR PREZ '08. fuckin' a.

exactly. WHy does everything have to be kid friendly? We're giving up alot, as adults, to make things kid friendly. When they grow up, there will be nothing "adult" anymore :(

Teach them? These kids need to teach me something, I've been gnawing at this leather all week to no avail.

I'm glad someone got my feeble attempt at cleverness. ;-)

when kids eat free, who do you think is footing the bill?! TAXPAYERS. i mean, non-kid-having adults. that's who. it's time for the welfare handouts to stop!!! if i can't have my Chili's Chicken Cajun Sandwich for at *least* $.30 less by the end of this year, the systematic executions will begin.

unrelated: i saw one of those EAT AN 80 OZ STEAK ON US billboards on the way back from Dallas yesterday and thought of you.

Ahhhh, The Big Texan. Good times. Last time I was there I tried in vain to order rattlesnake. Apparently they weren't in season.

I have nothing against kids, got a few of my own... but I've always found it interesting that some companies haven't taken the reverse tack by catering to the non-kid (or those needing a break from the munchkins) crowd. Say, for instance, adult-only screenings at movie theaters so you don't have to deal with rude teenagers... or in addition to the Kid's Night that a lot of restaurants do on Tuesday, a kid-free Wednesday night at your neighborhood Applebee's.

Oh, yes, kid-free zones, please!

an entrepreneurial mind could do a lot with these sorts of ideas. i'm of course only really anti-kid as far as my own life is concerned but i note a lot of late 20 and 30-somethings who eschew the idea that kids are necessary things for a full life and who would probably happily patronize a business that charged kids $100 a plate and advertised it on billboards.

Hell yeah. There was an upscale-ish restaurant near where I used to live that banned kids. They had to go to court to uphold their right to do it, but they won and plenty of people love the place for it.

Give them a sense of pride

What's with the "humor" tag?

...as opposed to the likes of Michael Hutchence

what's with your water going down the sink counterclockwise?

Re: ...as opposed to the likes of Michael Hutchence

It's the Doppler effect, you moron. Didn't you learn anything from the Simpsons?

Nonetheless, I was most thrilled to find your new staff photo online and love what you've done to your hair.

Re: ...as opposed to the likes of Michael Hutchence

This photo answers the question: What if Dan Aykroyd hadn't been marginally talented in the late 1970's?

Re: ...as opposed to the likes of Michael Hutchence

I can't quite make out whether that's a IIe or not, but the first microcomputer as opposed to dumb terminal that I ever saw was the IIe my school got in 1983. This photo reminds me of looking at the disk drive saying "disk ][" and the computer saying "apple ][" and thinking "why can't these losers just use II or 2?"

Thus began a hatred of Apple wankery still strong twenty four years later.

Remember how if you opened the gate and tried to pull out the disk while the "IN USE" light was on, thunder would strike you instantly and you would go straight to hell? Well, that's what our computer teacher told us. It was a church school.

But I'm sure that's not what our mutual friend is indicating here, I believe he may well be in the middle of a sentence containing the words "surplus auction".

Re: ...as opposed to the likes of Michael Hutchence

I never had much contact with Apple until late 80s. My earliest experiences with desktop computers was the Commodore VIC-20 and that ol' beast, the Tandy TRS-80.

I kinda miss Tandy. The IBM clones they built in the latter part of the 80's were a lot of fun. It's too bad they went the route of being proprietary or they may have actually been competitive.

Re: Give them a sense of pride

I'm sorry... after being sequestered in the realm of your own journal, I know all to well that's probably a foreign concept to you.

What I think most of the people in your commentary missed is the attraction of free range kids. Just think of the obvious drawing power for those seeking entertainment that a feral child raised to forage for it's own provender out in the wilderness as opposed to the toddler raised in the feed lot that is the playground just outside the restaurant. Let your children run free, I say. Let them browse amongst the fields and meadows, drinking their fill from the cool mountain streams.

Makes them harder to hunt, too. LOL.

Seriously though, there is no such thing as a Free Lunch. The cost is spread across the bills of the adult customers. It's just a gimmick to lure the family budget into a place where they would be spending money they can't afford on food they could serve up cheaper in the comfort of their own home.

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