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bust a Travis Bickle when I feel that I'm getting pushed

ince leaving Frankfort on Wednesday morning I've been running non-stop with a load to the Seattle area. While the amount of ground I can cover with a student is always mind-boggling to me, some times I still amaze myself with how much ground I can cover on my own.

I had a short day yesterday though. I got to the Seattle area around noon and didn't have to deliver until 08:00 today. It'll be another short day today as well, as I just have to drive back across Washington to deliver in Spokane in the morning.

I have a fondness for creating and maintaing lists and I've been using LiveJournal as a place to warehouse them in case anyone else would be interested in seeing it. A couple of weeks ago, I began what is probably my most ambitious list to-date. I humbly present:

Every movie I've ever seen

For the record, it currently contains 1,138 films and I estimate it's probably 80%-90% complete. The only criteria for inclusion was that it must be feature-length and non-porn. As a side note, this on-line alphabetizer is really fucking cool.

Summer's almost over. Some people mark today as the last day of summer proper. I guess I better get to posting these last couple of gams photos I have. Here's troubleagain. For some reason, I find these sneaky office photos particularly enticing. There oughta be a whole website of office snapshots of ladies legs, if there isn't one already.

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