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NYC here i come....

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The past week has been tedious and boring. Welp, that's the midwest fer ya. I mentioned my friend Stephanie losing her father to suicide. She called me the next day and we got to talk for about 30 minutes. She seems to be doing amazingly well given the circumstances. She's a strong young lady.

In preparation for the big trip to NYC next weekend with my friend Robin, I'm gaining a bonus trip to the fair city. There are a lot of loads heading east this weekend and I was saddled with one. The plan with my dispatcher is to take this load to Connecticut, backhaul back, load up and head straight back. This will give me ample time to swing through Lexington and pick up Robin. It also gives me ample time this weekend. As it stands, provided I don't blow-off a day or something as I've been known to do, I will hit the metro area sometime Saturday morning and not have to worry about having my load up in Connecticut until Monday morning.

I'm so looking forward to this trip. I love going to NYC anyway but it will be fun doing it with somene for a change. This weekend while I'm there I plan to inquire as to how much it would set me back to spend one night at the Chelsea Hotel during our stay. I've heard that it is surprisingly reasonable. This would save us from having to catch a bus out of the city back to Jersey to sleep in the truck overnight. It would give us the luxury of enjoying what the city has to offer as late as we want without having to worry about catching the last bus out (a very early 12:30am).

This weekend, however, I intend to do it on the cheap, to reserve funds for next weekend. I think I may explore Central Park a bit more than I have, provided it's not too terribly cold or raining. It's something I can do that won't cost me a dime and provide me with hours of things to do. I think I may try and find the Flatiron building as well. I know it's in midtown, I've actually seen it from atop the Empire State building but I'm not sure exactly where it is. Robin is a big lover of architecture, which will make the New York City trip esepecially enjoyable for her, but being able to find the Flatiron building when I return with her would be nice. I may have to be nice to myself with a big, fat meal in Little Itlay, but this will likely be my only concession. The next weekend with Robin is kind of my birthday/Christmas present for her and I want to be able to do anything our little hearts desire and not have to worry about money. I've managed to hold on to nearly $1000 of expendable cash to spend next weekend, which should be more than sufficient.

But enough of the NYC love... there is another love I want to talk about. Culver's. For those of you that live in or have ever had the pleasure of visiting/travelling the northern midwest, I hope you know what Culver's is. If you do not, you are missing out on a great fast/quick food restaurant. Culver's is a regional chain of hamburger places based out of Wisconsin. In Wisoncisn, there is a Culver's in every town, and they appear sporadically throughout Michigan, northern Indiana/Illinois and Minnesota. Their Philly Rib Eye sandwich is to-die for. I got me one when I was in Appleton the other day with a big artery cloggin helping of chili-cheese fires. I always make it a point to eat at Culver's whenever I'm up north. If you ever have the opportunity, take it.

I have been totally addicted to Minesweeper. I'm like this about things. I get on a "kick" and become totally obssessed with it for brief periods of time then won't touch it again for years, particularly games. I'm like this with chess, too. I'll go through a spell and play it religiously for months then won't play again for years. Minesweeper has been my poison at the moment. For those of you who have never bothered playing it (it comes with Windows) try it! It's very addicting.

This, largely, is the reason for my LiveJournal negligence as of late (or is it that LiveJournal has just been a "kick" since August and the love is waning?). I have intentions of posting Part 3 of "My Politics" sometime in the future. I plan to address one topic with it, since, it is a large, nasty, and sticky one. This will likely span much more than mere politics. I plan to tackle the issue of race with concern to politics, society, culture, etc. Obviously it's an issue that is rife with very sensitive emotions and feelings for everyone, good and bad. So when I approach it, I want to do it with as much clarity and forethought as possible. I've always had a rough idea in my head and heart on this matter but getting them to gel into a cohesive and succinct philosophy is, for want of a better word, maddening.

I really need to get some new music into my truck. The monotony of the same old stuff I've been carrying with me for about 3 months is getting to me. Maybe when I run through to get Robin next week I will make an extra effort to get some different stuff from my collection in storage. I also need to get something truly new, I feel so out of touch and the radio is little help in these matters.

I've decided to publish my cell phone number here after much deliberation. I have refrained from doing so just because I'm generally paranoid about things of this nature, but... ah fuck it. Why not? If sometime you are bored, drunk, curious, whatever... hit me up. I'll warn you, as I told elspazz0 when we met a few weeks ago: I'm by nature a relatively shy person and tend to be the "keep to myself" type in conversations with people I'm not terribly comfortable (like, strangers!). So, if you do decide to call me, keep this in mind. With the immense amounts of time I spend on the road with just a cat to talk to, I find myself becoming a more chatty person, but this is no guarantee; be prepared to move the conversation along with questions about whatever, although hopefully this won't be the case. I'm posting this at the end of a somewhat long post since, I figure if you've made it this far, then you probably have enough general interest to bother ;-). It is (859) 621-3478. If, like me, you get those unlimited deals on weekends/nights with your cell phone - don't hesitate to call at night. I also get unlimited incoming minutes ALL the time, so it won't be putting a hurting on me anytime you decide to call. I'm generally up until midnight and later on any given night. Often times I'm up driving and the conversation will be welcome. If for some reason I am sleeping, the worse that's gonna happen is you'll get my voice mail or I'll groggily answer it and tell you to go fuck yourself in the nicest way possible. I'm only kidding, don't worry about it. I'll just ask you to call back later. I won't be mad, promise. Remember, I'm asking for it. Call me this Sunday and you'll likely catch me somewhere in Manhattan. For you Kentuckians, it's a Lexington phone number. A lot of people on LJ post phone numbers from time to time and you get the feeling you don't know them well enough to call them - well this is an open invitation. Give it a whirl.

Did you really do this without thinking
Or was there some concentration at work?
'Cause when you said "I'm sorry" you were not blinking.
You can't pretend to not know how that hurts.

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