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you may now commence congratulatory commenting
fter eight years, it looks like I'll be a married man again in the near future. As we've been talking about it in no uncertain terms for a while now, it's more of a formality than a suprise, however, I did indeed officially pop the question to Miss welfy yesterday evening and she accepted.

I am the luckiest guy on the planet.

Congratulations to you both!

That's great, man. Congratulations to you and the future Mrs.!!!

HAHAHA... nice! Thanks, man.

I woke up to Welf's post this morning, and I'm just so happy for you both. I wish you every joy possible in the life you have, and will have, together. xxx

(Deleted comment)
Woo hoo! She's makin' an honest man of ya!

I'm so happy for you two. You are two people I love a ton for everything you inspire me for even if we're just Live Journal friends. ;]