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you got legs right up to your neck
lright, damnit... let's finish off these gams for this year.

First up, the lovely wonderbreadwop...

...followed by stillimage in some striped knee highs.

The final pair of photos come from my deranged brethren from down under. Doing his best Jennifer Beales impersonation is spaghedeity.

And last but not least, tpbrcombo shows us all the hard work that goes into maintaining his uncomparable sexy masculinity.


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spaghedeity = DROOL

tpbrcombo = I wish to know if you really shaved your leg.

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(Deleted comment)
ael88 is putting the sexy back into the gams pictures :)

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(Deleted comment)
Amusing. The shaving one, wow. In the kitchen too. That is what makes it even better.

Soop likes to do that a lot, I'm surprised you haven't caught on yet.

Gets you with some good chickly hotness, then BAM to the eyes with some big hairy dude shaving/wearing fishnets.

Wonderbreadwop has the sezziest legs of anyone!!


I'd like to compliment her skirt, too. It complements those gams!

something about the color of Paul's kitchen cabinetry just makes that photo all the more... alluring.

That and the smoldering look in his eyes.

But who won, brother? I was preparing, training for and entering a COMPETITION, not an exhibition of losers with poor self-esteem.

EVERYONE WINS!!!!! It's like the Special Olympics of camwhoring.

*whistle!* That tpbrcombo is the hotness! Mmm...manscaping.

Bahahaha tpbrcombo, lol!

Geez I haven't seen you for a while, Demo, it's like all our mutual friends decided to stop writing all at once!

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