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you got legs right up to your neck
lright, damnit... let's finish off these gams for this year.

First up, the lovely wonderbreadwop...

...followed by stillimage in some striped knee highs.

The final pair of photos come from my deranged brethren from down under. Doing his best Jennifer Beales impersonation is spaghedeity.

And last but not least, tpbrcombo shows us all the hard work that goes into maintaining his uncomparable sexy masculinity.


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I'd like to compliment her skirt, too. It complements those gams!


It's funny, everytime I see pictures of you I am jealous of your wardrobe. I think we dress somewhat alike.

Aw, I'm flattered. Don't be jealous though, most of my clothes are falling apart and old! Soop makes fun of my wardrobe. I recently wrote about him tearing through the house, counting all my tops. He counted 234! Okay, so I'm a clothes-horse, shoot me. :^P

I loooooooove your shoes in that picture, too.

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