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dang, shine on
ow did we as a culture become so lazy about and/or ignorant of our basic vehicle maintenance that there is not only a market for pre-diluted anti-freeze, but it's completely supplanting the stocking of pure concentrate on store shelves everywhere? Let's think about this. You're getting half as much coolant for, at best, one third less the cost. In a lot of places, they're the same price! On top of that it's more plastic jugs in the world to go into landfills because last time I checked, convenience stores, garages and truckstops don't offer recycling bins. Is it really that much trouble to add your own water? Is the concept of 50/50 too much for some people? I just don't get it. Granted, this is a culture where we buy the world's most plentiful natural resource and consume it as a product which is "naive" spelled backwards (thank you Dennis Miller) but seriosuly, what's next? Pre-filled disposable baths shipped to our doors so we don't have to scrub tub rings? Bah.

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They come in regular, bubble, and scented.

It is so complicated so I don't have a car.(lol)

I agree, and I first saw this ten years ago. Coolant concentrate for $10 and coolant + water for $15? Paying $5 for 20c worth of water? Because you can't put in coolant and then top it up with a handy hose?

Dammit, it's stirred up a long-dormant annoyance.

When I first saw it, I thought to myself that it was a decent idea to have on the shelves in addition to concentrate, to give the less mechanically inclined an easier go of it if they were willing to pay for it.

But it's getting to the point here in the states where there are TRUCKSTOPS which are only stocking pre-diluted, which is... crazy.

I didn't get into in my entry because of a Command Editorial Decision, but I highly suspect that this has less to do with what the consumer wants, and more to do with the manufacturers thrusting it upon us to increase profit margins. It's gotten to the point that I refuse to buy it. I needed some antifreeze this morning and walked in and out of two different convenience stores because all they had were pre-diluted on the shelves.

They actually sell it pre-diluted now? What's the fun of trying to get the concentration correct when you're changing it yourself, then?

And getting to play with the little rubber squeezy thing with the pretty balls in it! What killjoys they are.

Wow. I didn't know it came pre-diluted.

And I thought the height of laziness was those pre-made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with the crust cut off.

Listen. Making peanut butter and jelly sandwiches is A LOT of work.

I didn't even know that antifreeze was concentrated or diluted. I don't think I've ever touched a bottle in my life. I have raging, raging ignorance when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

And really the way I see it, that's ok. It just dumbfounds me that someone who would have the requisite knowledge to replenish or change the coolant in their cars on their own would then turn around and allow themselves to be fleeced like this.

i think the increasing popularity of warranties, coupled with the computerization of auto systems and how auto companies MARKET them as premanned all-in-one systems that you don't want to touch, and how everything in the manual says SEE AUTHORIZED SERVICE REP. Basically the enforcement and propogation of this idea that we need to stay out of our own hoods. I'm sure it's no one organization to blame. I mean there are hard lobbyists for auto service organizations just as there are for the UAW. I used to at first think that in today's increasing litigious type society, that they were just covering their ass. but i think they're basically trying to brainwash us into making us depend on service contracts and service personell for EVERYthing. even oil. the manual of my pontiac vibe says SEE AUTHORIZED DEALER where my other cars used to give filter-changing information basics.

the MAN.
i blame the MAN.

but then again, when you look at the fact that grocery stores started to sell little juice boxes of koolade (HELLO. make it yourself and put it in a plastic reusable sealable cup) and lunchables, it's a wonder our generation can do ANYthing themselves besides open up a wrapper.

IAWTC whole heartedly!!!! I miss the days of actual GAUGES in passenger vehicles instead of the all-encompassing idiot lights which come on telling you to CHECK ENGINE. Check what in the engine? You have no way of knowing. No, you have to take it to the witch doctor who can use his magic to retrieve and interpret the secret codes from the computer.

There was a time when the common person could change their own brake pads or replace a water pump and timing belt/chain. I've done it numerous times myself. Not that everyone was inclined or capable, but it was possible. Front wheel drive began to make things difficult, but not impossible. It seems to me that, especially in the past ten years or so, car manufacturers have gone out of their way to make things unreasonably inaccessible and/or requiring specialty tool to do the job properly to discourage shade-tree mechanics.

It's funny, when trying to close this entry, I was thinking of other things which require the addition of water and I thought of Kool-Air but rememberd those little plastic bottles they sell in convenience stores. I thought about ramen noodles, too but decided I needed something a little more outrageous like disposable, pre-filled bathtubs. ;-)

as a guy who has been stressing about how to fill his new motorcycle battery with acid for several days, and had a great time spilling sulfuric acid all over his porch yesterday, i gotta say, pre-diluted antifreeze isn't such a bad idea. give some people a hand for even taking the initiative to refill their radiators themselves... hopefully they won't try to open the cap when the car is hot.

...we all have our areas of specialty. i have no qualms about tearing a computer apart and rebuilding it from scratch, but it's not like there's a high school class that most of us take in how to work on a vehicle these days. if it's not something that runs in your family, or something you have to learn due to some kind of necessity, then it's not surprising that most of us don't know it.

What about people like me? We need things like pre-diluted antifreeze. You even encouraged me to buy it that one time!

You don't need it. It's not difficult to mix antifreeze with water in equal portions. I did encourage you to get it that time because I was trying to talk you through something you had never done before OVER THE PHONE. I did that for MY ease, not yours. Had I been showing you first hand, I'd have taught you how to mix it yourself. :)

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