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ow did we as a culture become so lazy about and/or ignorant of our basic vehicle maintenance that there is not only a market for pre-diluted anti-freeze, but it's completely supplanting the stocking of pure concentrate on store shelves everywhere? Let's think about this. You're getting half as much coolant for, at best, one third less the cost. In a lot of places, they're the same price! On top of that it's more plastic jugs in the world to go into landfills because last time I checked, convenience stores, garages and truckstops don't offer recycling bins. Is it really that much trouble to add your own water? Is the concept of 50/50 too much for some people? I just don't get it. Granted, this is a culture where we buy the world's most plentiful natural resource and consume it as a product which is "naive" spelled backwards (thank you Dennis Miller) but seriosuly, what's next? Pre-filled disposable baths shipped to our doors so we don't have to scrub tub rings? Bah.
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