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The patented Soopageek Lyrics Game™®©: Round One
back dat ass up

a) No Googling.
b) Each round I will add a word to each end.
c) Example/Scoring:
Round 1: satisfied, tell (25 points)
Round 2: be satisfied, tell me (15 points )
Round 3: I'll be satisfied, tell me that (10 points)
Round 4 (and beyond): and I'll be satisfied, tell me that you want (5 points)
"Can't Buy Me Love" - The Beatles

d) Only unanswered lines will proceed beyond Round 4.
e) Comments are screened.
f) The comma reperesents a line break, nothing more. The actual punctuation (or lack thereof) or capitalization may be different.


1. romance, and
2. it, give
3. hunch, that
4. star, ice
5. got, taking
6. dreams, suddenly
7. pie, fish
8. tossed, if
9. blue, 'cause
10. make-up, it's
11. raised, on
12. way, your
13. commit, these
14. harm, beats
15. story, everybody
16. parade, guys
17. be, so
18. scenes, and
19. shiver, you
20. water, making

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Oh come on now! What's the theme? You have to tell us what the theme is! How's a guy supposed to come up with lame joke answers if he doesn't even know what the theme is? Geez Louise!

I feared if I gave away the theme with this one that it would've been over with in one round.

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