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aaaah ah ah AH ah ah i know this, much is
o after having an overdraft at the end of last week, I've gotten two HUGE paychecks in two days that correspond to the two weeks I was on the road prior to my home time. So at the moment, my checking account feels like it's swimming in cash. For a few days anyway. Ever since buying the house, Welf and I have been a bit cash strapped, but it appears we're out of the woods now and things will be back on track.

Don is progressing nicely, though I've discovered that he doesn't retain things very quickly, even with daily repetition. This may make things a little more challenging than I initially thought, but I don't anticipate it being a serious problem. He's not like... Jason slow or anything.

I have a couple of dirty little secrets that I'll be sharing with everyone in the coming weeks.

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In my case it hasn't been an issue with Werner. In fact, I can't wait until I'm dealing with Werner directly. While accounting errors happens in any company, at least Werner is predictable with their timetables. My problem has been with the fleetowner, McMullen Truck Lines, from whom I'm leasing Sally.

I always wondered how that O/O thang worked.

Dealing with Werner isn't too bad, its just the horrible hold times for certain departments like weekend dispatch or road breakdown. Paycheck info is available on the QComm after noon on Thursdays Omaha time. Direct deposit is available on Fri or Sat depending upon your bank. And if you do checks, the check is in the mailbox on Mondays. It's just sometimes the amounts that are in question.

And something that a lot of people don't know is that when you deadhead back "home" and take a reset, you don't get paid for that "deadhead" until you complete your next load. For example Robert deadheads back to Vegas, works in the yard for two weeks, then goes back out on the road. The deadhead back to Vegas doesn't show up on the check until he delivers two weeks later, meaning you don't see the actual deadhead money till three weeks later. Normally you really don't notice anything like that if you are running constantly.

As for bonus time and anniversary time, those show up about five days after his anniversary date, which is pretty good. Makes for a good XMas time since his anniversary date is Dec 12th. This year makes number 16! And they finally gave him a raise after five years.... a $.08 one whether hes loaded, deadheading or bobtailing! Dedicated accounts do have their advantages from time to time.

BTW, OM needs drivers. If any of your newbies want a dedicated account, want to live in Vegas, and want to be home about every 7 - 11 days for their 40, send em this way. The Werner office in Vegas got a new Site Manager, and he's pretty darn good.

Dealing with Werner isn't too bad, its just the horrible hold times for certain departments like weekend dispatch or road breakdown.

I once sat on hold with the Canadian dept. for an entire day (about 7:30am - ~6:00pm), only to finally have someone pick up and tell me that there was no one there right then, and there had only been one person on all day. I almost dropped the truck off the next morning.

Now I drive for a private carrier and am home pretty much every night. Can't beat it, as far as I'm concerned.

... and what I forgot to clarify is that with the 40 break its the 32+8. The only time that it's a straight 32 and generally 11 - 14 runs are during the months of July - September for obvious reasons, and occasionally during Feb - March due to everyone spending their money at tax time.

The one major important thing about the OM account is that the load has to be on time( + or - 1 hour), even for the second or third. Its kinda like JIT but on a dedicated with a solo. And the backhauls are generally for Pepsi, Coke, Anheiser or Ocean Spray, and they don't like to reschedule at all in addition to wanting the trailer washed out prior to loading.

And one other major change about Vegas. They are going to kingpin locks here. The OM account does not give out empties. Due to OM wanting the best of the best trailers those are hard to find and due to the dollar value I think they ordered about 200 kingpin locks as of last word. If a dispatcher tells a driver to pick up an empty in Vegas, and they try to pick up one on the ramp, expect that driver, if they are found, to be pinned in via the Ottawas. Additionally if a driver tries to pick one up from the yard, security won't let them out. I wish that was noted in the QComm..... it would save alot of headaches for everyone.

But if a driver wants to live in Vegas, call driver placement!

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