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aaaah ah ah AH ah ah i know this, much is
o after having an overdraft at the end of last week, I've gotten two HUGE paychecks in two days that correspond to the two weeks I was on the road prior to my home time. So at the moment, my checking account feels like it's swimming in cash. For a few days anyway. Ever since buying the house, Welf and I have been a bit cash strapped, but it appears we're out of the woods now and things will be back on track.

Don is progressing nicely, though I've discovered that he doesn't retain things very quickly, even with daily repetition. This may make things a little more challenging than I initially thought, but I don't anticipate it being a serious problem. He's not like... Jason slow or anything.

I have a couple of dirty little secrets that I'll be sharing with everyone in the coming weeks.

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Dealing with Werner isn't too bad, its just the horrible hold times for certain departments like weekend dispatch or road breakdown.

I once sat on hold with the Canadian dept. for an entire day (about 7:30am - ~6:00pm), only to finally have someone pick up and tell me that there was no one there right then, and there had only been one person on all day. I almost dropped the truck off the next morning.

Now I drive for a private carrier and am home pretty much every night. Can't beat it, as far as I'm concerned.

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