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30 seconds and a one way ride
eaving Baltimore tonight, Maryland state troopers decided to give Sally and the trailer we were pulling a D.O.T. inspection. They were thorough as hell. I have three out-of-service failures:

1) two brakes out of adjustment, both on the trailer
2) an air line chafing, on a trailer axle
3) an air service line on the truck cab air bags is leaking

Don was driving so he got the ticket, but I'll be paying the fine ($130). We're sitting here waiting for a service truck to show up and get us moving again. Since two of the three failures were on the trailer, I'm hoping Werner will pick-up the bill for the service call and just bill me for replacing the air line on the truck. I have a feeling though that at some point in the coming weeks I'll be making an irate phone call to get it sorted out.

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Did I mention how much I dislike the state of Maryland?

This is only my second brush with their D.O.T.... the first time was about a year ago when I had some really bad windshield glazing, which have since been fixed. They pulled me into the weigh station, having seen it as I went across the scale, and wrote me a warning and sent me on my merry way.

This is the first time I've ever been put out of service, ever, anywhere. I've had many D.O.T. inspections all over the country. This trailer is barely a year old! Chafing air lines? Wtf?

that is an amazingly thorough check to find that.. I feel for ya..

That's what I thought. I mean, sure they probably still would've shut me down for the brakes being out of whack and the airline on the cab suspension was audible... but... air lines chafing? Gimme a break.

The Maryland DOT is terrible... But at least they keep their roads paved. *grumbles at PennDOT*

Less freeze / thaw :-)

I actually enjoy driving through Pennsylvania. Unlike most states, their roads aren't monotonous and flat. Then again, my straight shot up U.S. Route 15 to Western New York has a lot more passing lanes than it did fifteen years ago...

True... But my county is right on the Maryland border, so there isn't that much of a distance/change in temps. It's more of PA having a lot more roads to take care of than MD. Plus the whole "10 PennDOT workers stand around and tell one guy how to dig" aspect...

I love driving through the PA countryside, too. Just keep me out of the cities. lol

These days, PA's three primary arteries for highway travel (76, 81, 80) are in remarkably good condition. 79 is tolerable. They're working on 84 and 78. Now if they'd improve 70 between Washington and New Stanton, Pa would have a fairly respectable interstate system.

Ugh- that's extremely annoying. I suppose the DOT wants to make money somewhere, no?

Between mileage/fuel taxes, various permits, and fines levied by the D.O.T and law enforcement, commercial trucking provides a generous donation to state coffers every year.

I'm generally on the opposing side with ANYTHING having to do with the DOT. Any interaction I've had with them EVER has been Vogon and miserable.

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