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30 seconds and a one way ride
eaving Baltimore tonight, Maryland state troopers decided to give Sally and the trailer we were pulling a D.O.T. inspection. They were thorough as hell. I have three out-of-service failures:

1) two brakes out of adjustment, both on the trailer
2) an air line chafing, on a trailer axle
3) an air service line on the truck cab air bags is leaking

Don was driving so he got the ticket, but I'll be paying the fine ($130). We're sitting here waiting for a service truck to show up and get us moving again. Since two of the three failures were on the trailer, I'm hoping Werner will pick-up the bill for the service call and just bill me for replacing the air line on the truck. I have a feeling though that at some point in the coming weeks I'll be making an irate phone call to get it sorted out.

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True... But my county is right on the Maryland border, so there isn't that much of a distance/change in temps. It's more of PA having a lot more roads to take care of than MD. Plus the whole "10 PennDOT workers stand around and tell one guy how to dig" aspect...

I love driving through the PA countryside, too. Just keep me out of the cities. lol

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