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stuck in Kansas City
here hasn't been much to report other than, if you live in the United States, there's about a 75% probability I've been within 100 miles of your house in the past two and a half weeks. No kidding, we've been up the entire eastern seaboard from Atlanta to Providence. We've been to Chicago, the Minneapolis/St. Paul, St. Louis, Omaha, Denver, Salt Lake, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles. Let's not forget Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Columbus, Dayton, Knoxville, Nashville, Little Rock, Shreveport, Houston, Dallas/Ft. Worth, and El Paso. In all, 14,500 miles in 16 days.

My student Don is from Michigan as I mentioned previously. I discovered that his mom is/was part of a lesser-known Motown girl group, The Velvelettes. Don likes listening to modern jazz;. lots and lots and lots of modern jazz. Imagine the soundtrack to the community bulletin board channel on your local cable service playing constantly. I wake-up in a cold sweat in the middle night while he's driving, sure that I'm missing some important lecture on planting mums at the county extension office.

With all of this non-stop driving, it's nice to have a break today. We got to Kansas City early this morning and dropped our loaded trailer. We don't get loaded until 1pm tomorrow. Don drove all night, so after he gets some rest I think I'm going to take him over the the drop yard and let him practice backing as much as he wants. This evening, I think I'm going to have to find me some burnt ends for dinner. My usual Kansas City date isn't living here currently, so if any of the rest of ya are interested in getting some dinner - lemme know.

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wow.. that is amazing miles..

It's amazing the ground two people can cover. It's even more amazing that I get paid for them all. Muuuwahahahahah

You were in Columbus? Poop.

I've been through and about Columbus several times, but never for any length of time.

Besides, right now I'd be worried about you losing your balance and crushing me or something.

I think I'm safe in Johnstown, PA! lol

Are you going to be home for Thanksgiving with your welf?

No you're not, I was within a hundred miles of you when Don and went by on the turnpike last week... TWICE.

You goin' to Oklahoma Joe's?

We went to Gates off the Paseo... then Isle of Capri. :) Mmmm, burnt ends.

You've been within two miles of my house (on US69 just off I30, a bit east of Dallas).

That would've been, um.... Friday night around midnight, we left El Paso that morning and were in Cincinnati by Saturday afternoon.

And just exactly when were you in Vegas? Did you stop at the yard?

Nope, I guess we went through Vegas...mmm, last Saturday morning on the way to Riverside, CA then turned around with a load from LA and came back through a little after midnight that same night, bound for Minneapolis.

Well crap, I'm in KC and just now got home saw this while catching up with my friendslist. I hope Gates treated you well. Jack Stack and Zarda BBQ are my 2 favorite places in town. Sorry I didn't catch this post before dinnertime to meet you out on the town.

Such is the case when you live your life on a moment's notice. I never know when I'm going to have time somewhere and when I do, it's like this... no advance warning at all.

Or, in some cases, withing less than a mile! *L* You should let me know sometime when you're driving past so I can go hang a sign for you on the bridge! (And I'd do it too!)

Oh man, that would be so cool. And I'd HAVE to take a picture of it, too. Imagine having a picture of a big ass sign hanging from a bridge that said "Hi soopageek!"

You're like the new Jack Kerouac (well, without fatal amounts of drinking).

"I wake-up in a cold sweat in the middle night while he's driving, sure that I'm missing some important lecture on planting mums at the county extension office."

I busted out laughing in my office after reading that!

Thank you, thank you. I'll be here all week.

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