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erotic dreams gone awry... again!

Location: Carlisle, Pennsylvania

I did it again! Grrrr. I was having another perfectly fine erotic dream then woke myself up because the prospect of the reality was too suspect. It was a highschool scenario again, but this time, it was a reunion. The gal in question was Lori Graves, who I had been decent friends with in school. Lori was the kind of girl who wasn't necessarily unattractive, but she wasn't exactly hawt either. She was kind of quirky in a way that was sweet and endearing but at the same time, you're not sure it was something you wanted to handle beyond friendship status. It was my highschool reunion, it must've been the ten year one 'cos we weren't all that much older looking (and I went to my ten year and I can tell you that ain't the troof... ten years does some weird shit to people). After the "official" reunion a bunch of us returned to Lori's place for an after party of sorts. Her place was huge. It was one big open room with a kitchen at one end that extended into a large den/rec room where we all were. Her bedroom was a loft above the kitchen which was so high that you couldn't see into it. Down the right side of the kitchen was one dividing wall creating a small hallway that lead to the bathroom on the right side and the stairwell up to the loft on the left. Anyway, a gaggle of us are hanging out here, drinking, reminiscing. I'm sitting on a couch beside my friend Brian Hoppes. At some point, Lori comes along and plops into my lap. I perceive this to be mostly a friendly gesture at this point, but as we sit there and talk it becomes clear that there are ulterior motives. She's puttin' the moves on me! At some point we lock in this really sloppy kiss and all I remember about it is that her tongue was pierced and the kiss lasted for so long that our mouths dried out to the point that our tongues and starting to stick to each other. Naturally everyone in the room was oo-ing and ahh-ing. We were finally interrupted by the word "Mommy" as a small child, probably no more than 5 or 6 was standing on the loft overlooking the room rubbing his eyes. Apparently the loft was subdivided into two bedrooms! Lori excused herself to put her child back to bed by encouraging everyone to continue to enjoy themselves for as long as they wanted, but that she was going to retire to the loft for the night and rather publicly implored me to join her. She disappeared to the loft and I went to the bathroom. When I came back out of the bathroom, everyone else had taken the obvious hint and had split. I was left standing on the empty first floor of this house, staring at the stairway which ascended into a night of impending carnal exploration. Of course, this was when I woke up.

Damnit, I can't even get any action in my dreams. Do I suck or what?

I am a constellation. I guide you through the night.

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