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when everybody loves you, son
ver since I can remember, I've always been an adventurous eater; I'll try anything once. Prepare it in some manner that is traditionally acceptable to some group of people on this planet and I'll stick it in my mouth.

Last spring, when LARM was on the truck with me, we stopped at The Big Texan and my hopes had been to try rattlesnake for the first time. I was foiled, as it was out of season. Today, Shawn and I chanced through Amarillo on our return trip to the east, so we stopped there for lunch this afternoon. There's nothing especially great about rattlesnake. It's tough and mostly cartilage with very little meat. It's not bad, but not good enough to warrant the effort and cost, in my opinion.

The Big Texan has something else on their menu that I had never tried either. I hadn't intended to try it today, but Shawn got a sampler appetizer that had them included. So not only did I get to have rattlesnake, I also had mountain oysters.

That's right, mountain oysters. Now for the rest of my life, if I'm ever asked if I've had balls in mouth, I guess I can't say no.

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But what did they taste like??

They were breaded and deep friend. They tasted a lot like poultry organs (livers, gizzards, etc) but the texture was more like fried clams/oysters.

Smiling in the bright lights, coming through in stereo

Mountain oysters, is that American for dogs balls or something?

Now for the rest of my life, if I'm ever asked if I've had balls in mouth, I guess I can't say no.

Oh, like you could before.

especially after your visit up here to see me.

That was lol-worthy enough to read out loud to Phil.

Of course I was going to next ask what they were like, but I see Erin beat me to it.


I was trying NOT to write about the flavor and texture of balls in my mouth.

All the years I've lived out here, and I've never tried 'em.

Supposedly, the ones that restaurants serve aren't as good, because they're frozen. I'm told the fresh ones have more flavor. :)

As with most things, I'm sure that fresh balls are more flavorful. Somehow, that just seems way creepier.

Lin, I don't know why this is an entry-worthy thing.

You've put loads of weird stuff in your mouth, OBVS.

I was relieved reading your second sentence to see the prepositional phrase "of weird stuff." Had it been omitted, that would've just been wrong.

Now for the rest of my life, if I'm ever asked if I've had balls in mouth, I guess I can't say no.

Hell son, you couldn't say that when asked about MY balls...

From what I've heard, there's LOTS of people that can't say that about your balls.

Yeah, the ones that are served in the restaurants aren't nearly as tasty as the fresh out of the critter. The guys usually have to throw a few on the branding stove, and have them as a mid morning snack.

We have 250 head of calves and usually half of them are bulls, so if you want we can save them for you, instead of feeding them to the dog.

"That was the best dog we ever had. Teabag, we called 'im."

The question is, did you like having balls in your mouth?

The funny things is, the honest answer to that question is, "Yes, I did like having balls in my mouth."

It's not because I particularly enjoyed eating them, but because it was so novel. As I was chewing on the balls, I was thinking "Wow, I'm eating balls!"

correction: ROCKY MOUNTAIN Oysters. You should come out for the festival, I hear they really go balls out for it ;)

Edited at 2007-12-19 08:18 am (UTC)

So you had 'em "all up in your mouth," huh?

At least you didn't drink deer urine on a bet. A kid I went to high school with drank an entire glass of deer urine for $20. That's western PA for ya...

I really wish you'd have gone with "every time I'm asked".

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