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a walk in the park, a big friggin' park

Location: New York City

I got into Manhattan about noon today. I had hoped to be able to stave of the hungries until the evening but I was starving so I headed immediately for... well you know the rest. Mussels, yum. Tortellini, yum. I caught the subway back uptown to Columbus Circle at 59th Street and Broadway. This also happens to be the southwestern tip of Central Park. I took tons of pictures which I will post later once I'm back in the truck with internet access and more detailed accounts of the locales. The short version of this sotry is I walked the entire length of Central Park, from midtown to Harlem, and it also involved criss-crossing the width of it at least a few times. We're talking 50 city blocks just in length, plus the back and forth from time to time. Forthcoming pictures will include Strawberry Fields and The Dakota, Cleopatra's Needle, various fountains, statues, ponds, The Belvedere... yeah, I saw a lot of Central Park today. I didn't see it ALL, but I saw quite a bit. Maybe sometime next summer I'll actually check out the zoo when the weather is warmer.

For being October I couldn't have asked for better weather. While a bit chilly it was a beautiful day and with all the walking and long sleeve courduroy shirt, I hardly noticed. After my Central Park excursion I caught a subway back to midtown, getting off at Columbus Circle once again. There was a reason for this. As you may recall I recently watched Phonebooth a couple of weeks ago. According to the voice over at the beginning of the film, the phonebooth in question was on 53rd Street between Broadway and 8th Avenue. While I didn't expect to find a phonebooth there, I was wondering if the scene in the street was actually filmed at that location. Since I was close and looking for things to do that didn't cost me anything, I figured what the hell. Heh, turns out I had been on 53rd Street before, or at least, have walked past it, and just forgotten about it. You know what's at the corner of 53rd and Broadway? The Ed Sullivan Theatre where David Letterman tapes his late night talk show. One block over is Studio 54 where I saw Cabaret earlier in the spring. There is virtually nothing on 53rd Street between 8th and Broadway, just the sides of theatres whose fronts face Broadway for the most part. Certainly no strip clubs and adult stores with hookers hanging outside them. Not that I'm shocked by this, but... movies lie.

I checked on prices at the Chelsea. Not only do they not have any rooms for next week, but $175 a night, it becomes hard to justify not going back to the truck. I was thinking if I could keep it closer to a hundred I might spring for it. But alas, this probably won't be the case. I may check Hotwire and some other on-the-cheap travel websites, but I'm not hopeful of finding much of anything in Manhattan worth staying in for a reasonable rate.

I also located the Flatiron Building down on 5th Ave between 23rd and 22nd Streets. It was getting dark by this point, so no pics, I'll be sure to get some when I come back up here next weekend. Now I'm leisurely wasting some time in the Internet cafe here on 42nd Street in Times Square. After buying my ticket for the bus back to Jersey, I had an hour 'til kill so I thought I'd make this post. As always, New York was a blast. I rue the day that I may find myself in a position to not come here whenever I want pretty much. This ability to travel the country is one of things that makes me think I might keep driving. At the moment, it has sunk into me rather deeply, and the thought of not having the country at my disposal, so to speak, is not something I can imagine returning to.

Tonight I'm going to make the drive to Connecticut and sleep at the storage company I'm delivering to in the morning, then I will be booking on down to Pennsylvania for the backhaul. By Thursday I should have Robin in the truck with me headed back east for our bite at the Big Apple. It will be fun to have someone here not only for the company, but to go redo a lot of the things I have already gotten to experience with someone who is experiencing it for the first time. It's like when you get a friend to watch a movie you've already seen and you watch it with them to enjoy their reaction. It will be tons of fun.

Kill Bill opens in one more week. Early reviews are good. One critic said it is most likely the most violent film made by an American film studio. Another critic said the final battle scene, 20+ minutes in length will be the stuff of film school teaching for years to come. I can't wait. I think after the NYC trip, I might hafta find a theatre on the trip back west and Robin and I can go see it or something. Welp, I got 15 minutes 'til my bus so I better get back over to the bus station. Ta ta from the naked city.

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