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we drop more mother fuckers than Samuel L. Jackson
y pal lossfound has been working on a brilliant and unprecedented LiveJournal hip-hip album under the moniker Lossfizzle. Upon its completion, it will posted in its entirety here for you to enjoy. As a result of these recordings, he decided to challenge his f-list to a rap battle. In fact, he dissed us all by name.

At the risk of stealing some of his thunder, I'm posting the final mix of my submission to the LJ Rap Battle. I'm sure he'll utilize the vocal elements in a mix of all the submissions he gets, but I spent some time working the rhymes into a song which stands on its own. A lot of the references will be lost on most of you, but I don't think it's a prerequisite for enjoying our jam.

So without further ado, here's soopageek and welfy:

Dissin' on the Fizzle [.mp3, 4mb]

S double O P-A-G 2 E K
Someone wants to battle me like every single day
Respect from all the truckers and bitches in skank skirts
Pimpin' motherfucker from the city of Frankfort
Other MCs know, you try to battle Soopa?
You step off lookin' silly like Lossfound on a Pukka
Or is that Lossfizzle? Son, you think you're clever?
Makin' whack shit and hollerin' "I WIN FOREVER"
Those aren't smoove sex beats, you're only raping heinously
Where'd you get your skillz? The gaping anus penitentiary?

Welfy on the mic, what you gonna do?
Ill shorty flowin' from the 5-0-2
MCs wanna fight, MCs wanna fuss
But I hold the mic and ya'll can hold deez nuts
Lossfizzle wants a battle, but he be getting nervous
A crying little bitch like in Jerry's tree service
You think 'cause I sell candy that I'm some kinda softy?
I'll be up in your shit like creamer in your coffee
I've had it up to here with your hip-hop masturbation fits
Stick to what you know, that dripping, sopping saturation shit

Soopageek and Welfy super duper double whammy
Gettin' over on you like Moons Over My Hammy
You're a sick little puppy out looking for a tea bag
All our rhymes are tight, your shit still needs a defrag
If your rhymes are daylight, then yo, we be nocturnal
All your base belongs to me, bitch I own LiveJournal
When you hear us rappin' - you're gonna blow your wad
You'll say Goddamn! What the fuck? and OH MY GOD!
We're bad-ass, you're a fat ass and whack, son
We drop more mother fuckers than Samuel L. Jackson

This is an mp3 file. If you have trouble playing it in your browser, simply right-click->SaveAs to download then load it up in the media player of your choice

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My security settings won't let me DL the song! The lyrics are bumpin!


It's just a simple mp3 file, maybe try right-click/Save As...

Meh. I like mine better. If I could find a mic...

Talkin' about your MC skillz is like talkin' about fuckin'.

You lappy doesn't have a built-in mic?

Yeah, I think it does, but that thing's on it's last legs...

It seems I am unable to open/download the song. Any suggestions? I see others have been able to hear it.

Try right-click/Save As...

No luck. It tells me I don't have permissions. I'll figure it out. I know I've been able to "right click and save as" stuff before.

Amusing lyrics. I can't download either.

Off topic. Do you like WolfMother? I've been listening to them all day and they remind me of something you'd dig.

I do dig Wolfmother, actually. They're a lot of fun.

Try right-clicking the file and doing "Save As". It's not a quicktime file per se, it's just a regular ol' mp3 file, but QT is usually the the default "in-browser" player that people have. Once you have it downloaded, it should player in the mieda player of your choice.

Ah, it is Quicktime. No wonder, this computer is a hater of that.



your link is wonky - http:///soopageek.com/livejournal/songdump/Dissin'%20On%20The%20Fizzle.mp3 - remove the extra /!

and um this is awesome!

Now, I was able to D.L. the song.... I just found it on songdump site.

...This just made my entire month...

you two are sweet.

Ohh THANKS! It was bugging the shit outta me why people were having so much trouble with it. It was downloading fine for me, even with the extra slash. It's been fixed now.

(Deleted comment)
this would've been funnier if i'd seen your entry when it was posted instead of >24 hours later.

oh well. you guys did a great job. sounds like you had a fun time learning REAPER too. i have one or two more rhymes to collect and then you'll go up against a new beat, so i'm glad you did this version :)

Ha! It's funny, after recording our battle it occurred to me that I should've made reference of TENURE WIFE.

I think it's very obvious that my sample usage was very Prince Paul circa '89. In other project news, I have a video, making use of some other work you did for me. I'll leave you a sneak peak in your journal where it's a little more private.

wow, the video is totally great. just make sure you make it streaming... people won't deal with video downloads any more if they're not streaming flash... hell, they barely even watch them then. ohhhh internet.

if i can make one small suggestion - it totally needs a text-overlay logo of some kind for the bidness in question in the climactic final scene. i don't know what you're using but most video apps these days can do that pretty easily.

OMG I CANT BELIEVE I MISSED THESE. both are so dope. i think welfy killed it though.

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