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shoe tree
Hi Soopa,

Hope this is of interest. RoadsideAmerica.com received a request from a textbook publisher, who'd like permission to use a print-resolution image of yours (your winter view of the Middlegate shoe tree).

Let me know if I should pass on your email contact to them so they can connect with you. They were fine with a fee of $XXX. for 1/4 pg b/w image use in the textbook (hope that's okay -- I negotiated before they let me know it wasn't our photo they were interested in!).

We usually email a book publisher the high rez image and then send an email invoice.



Doug Kirby
Publisher, roadsideamerica.com

PO Box 429
Middletown, NJ 07748-0429

The real kicker is that those photos were like, the second or third set of photos I ever took with my fancy-shmancy digital camera and, novice that I was, I didn't keep high resolution versions of everything like I do now.

*head desk*

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Oh, RAD!
Make sure they throw in a few copies of the book too.


Is that the biggest image of it you have?

I've done a fair bit of (professional) work in the past getting photos and artwork print ready, and that's included fixing up low res images. I can give it a shot if you like. It's not hard.

awww. well, still. congratulations anyway.

Great photo. Where is this tree? Do you know how it became a shoe-tree?

It's in Middlegate, Nevada. The legend goes that a couple who had newly married was traveling on their honeymoon and had their first lover's quarrel on the side of the road, resulting in someone throwing the other's shoes into the tree.


great shot though.

they always ask for high-res, but it's possible they could get it to work if you give them the best you've got. if their Photoshopper is any good, they can probably do it...worth a shot.

That's one of the first pictures I saw of yours when I added you.

THAT'S cool. I wish my images got that kind of attention.

I've had that happen a few times too on low resolution photographs. Gah. Congrats still my friend!

I remember when you posted this pic! Very cool, congrats

(Deleted comment)
lulz @ the sudden $XXX

I got a polite email from Mr. Kirby asking my to change a couple of things because apparently I'm on his RSS feed. Weird.

Damn, I didn't think Middlegate was big enough to support that many drug dealers.

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