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do you believe in rapture, baby?
s some of you have known from the beginning, I was competing in therealljidol under the pseudonym srs_bidness. For those of you who didn't know, surprise! I was voted out last week during a special contestants-only vote if you hadn't heard. I just wanted to thank those of you who followed along and enjoyed the mischeivous experiment as much as I did, as well as express my gratitude for that one time a couple of weeks ago when I prodded you for some voting help.

I've posted my final entry over there, if you're interested.

I got in touch with the textbook publisher and sold them a nearly identical shot of the shoe tree taken in the summer time. I guess that makes me a quasi professional photographer now or something. A personal shout-out to the thoughtful hairy_canary who touched-up the photo they originally wanted, even though it was ultimately unnecessary. You're a doll. What're you doing with that goober?

I've been working part-time at the candy factory where welfy gives tours, doing some painting work. It doesn't pay much, but it helps while I sort out getting my own authority and insurance. McMullen and I finally came to an agreement on what my next truck is going to be and I will be submitting the necessary forms and what-not to the FMCSA for getting my own authority and working with OOIDA for procuring the necessary insurance.

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Ha ha, well played, sir, well played. Welcome to ye olde friends list.

What was supposed to be an all-access vote this week is for whatever reason a community-members only vote instead, so I'm suddenly not quite so confident about my chances.

If you don't get a super-high amount of votes this week, then I'll be convinced this game is totally fucking stupid this season (I'm still shocked that Soop got booted despite his rather good writing). You definitely wrote my favorite entry.

Well, what kind of truck?

'04 Pete 387 with ~600k miles.

Are you going to be going it independent? Or who are you leasing on with I mean, besides McMullen ... kind of ... )?

Whose trailers are you going to be pulling? I guess that's a good way of putting it.

I'm going to be purchasing the truck from McMullen, but other than the rental/lease agreement, that's my only association with them.

I will be pulling trailers for RM Transportation, initially. I'm doing this to make things easier on McMullen since they prefer to intercept settlements for their accounting purposes and they already work with RM.

I will be using RM as a broker, basically. I will be 100% independent. I could grab a load off a DAT board if I wanted.... or use another broker... if RM didn't have something for me and I wanted to roll, or more importantly, if I wanted to shag something to between loads to offset the deadhead.

Once I get going, I'm going to check into Landstar for additional/complementary brokering. They have web-based self-brokering for their O/Os: just login and pick a load. It'd be like being in charge of my own logistics.

Landstar has a pretty good reputation. I think it's a lot of drop & hooks, too - most places I see them, I see dropped trailers.

Good luck, man - I hope this works out well for you. And when you're building your fleet, keep me in mind if you can get me home reasonably (and not rape me on the pay). ;-)

I'm pleased you were judicious enough not to tag this "humour", brother.

Oh I know, the part about being with a goober was deadly serious. Statements of such import and heaviness should never be confused for humor.

Well, you actually did follow through on adding me to your real flist after your pseudo-self finished therealljidol Good to "see" you here! Smile.

I was sad to see you go. I loved your entries. :)

Thanks for the friending.

wow. i had no idea it was you.
rock on.
you still should have won.

So when you first proposed the idea of writing Erotica for the Open Topic I thought it was a great idea. However, having never written anything erotic, I didn't think I'd be able to do it. Well this week is my open topic week, and I hadn't really even thought about what to write.

This past weekend I couldn't sleep, laying in bed not sleeping, I had an idea that was both erotic and very me. I figured what the hell, maybe no one else will do it, but I'm sure as heck going to try.

I'm no Anais Nin, but if you're interested...


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